Did NASA Find a Mirrored Earth (Feb 2022) Know The Finding

Did NASA Find a Mirrored Earth (Feb 2022) Know The Finding >> The article has detailed news about the fantastic discovery which will give you goosebumps about this planet.

Do you know what NASA has found, leaving the people astonished about the fact? Hold your seat tight. Today, in the article, we will give you amazing news about the new findings from NASA. 

The organization established in the United States has created surprise among the people after releasing news about this new thing they found. They found something similar to the home plant. Are you excited to know Did NASA Find a Mirrored EarthYou must stick to the article to get all the required details about this exciting news.

Details about NASA

National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the full form of NASA. The administration has been established in the year 1958. The science of NASA is based on observing the earth system. Also, it observes the planetary bodies in the solar system with the use of New Horizons like advanced robotic spacecraft.

NASA has been researching big topics like Big Bang, astrophysics-related topics. People are shocked by the news and asking Did NASA Find a Mirrored Earth? If you are also curious to know about this, stick to the end of the article.

Facts about Earth

The hunt of finding life beyond earth is still going on; scientists are not stopping to look for the clues. But, there are so much more facts about the home planet we are living peacefully. Let’s look at those- 

  • Earth has covered 71% part of the planet’s surface.
  • For the earth to complete the rotation on its axis, it takes up to 23.934 hours.
  • Recently, the news is popping up about a mirror planet of the earth; people are curious about knowing Did NASA Find a Mirrored EarthIs it true or not. The average distance found by NASA between the sun and earth is 92,956,050 miles.
  • One of the exciting facts is that the sun and earth are formed roughly simultaneously, but the other planets on the solar system are estimated at 4.6 billion years ago.
  • It took almost 200 million years for the earth’s crust and the ocean to come into shape; this is found in a recent earth study.
  • The size of the core of Earth is the same as Mars, about 7,100 km.

Did NASA Find a Mirrored Earth?

Earth resemblance  has been found in the solar system. It seems like a rocky planet; it has been termed as KOI-456.04. This planet is orbiting a star named Kepler-160.

The star is found to be in a habitable zone; it has the chance of water existing on the surface. Like earth, it received 93% sunlight making the temperature but similar to earth.


In the final verdict of the article, we hope you find the article interesting. The news about finding a mirror-like planet of earth instigated many people’s questions: Did NASA Find a Mirrored Earth? Scientists are still looking further to it. Do you know anything more about this finding? Comment below 

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