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In this post, you will know about The Boy’s YouTube channel and Did Juicy Leave the Boys.

Are you wondering if the Juicy from the boys left the group? In this post, we discuss this topic briefly and know if Juicy left, The Boys group. The Boys is a group that has different members, and they all make videos on either playing games or doing a reaction. The Boys is a very popular YouTube Channel in the United States, the United Kingdom and many other countries.

Let us discuss Did Juicy Leave the Boys further in this post.

About The Boys in Brief

The Boys are a group of friends that frequently make films together, either playing games or reacting to them, mostly in fanfics and TikTok.

Their films feature scenarios and skits, and most of the humor comes from the Boys’ interactions. They are based in the United States and Australia. 

While the five “primary members” collaborate the most, other YouTube channels that collaborate with them or even are considered part of the boys are also included Reekid (mostly with JoshDub), SwaggerSouls, GabbyGotGames VR (most of the time with EddieVR), and Smashing.

Did Juicy Leave the Boys? We will come to it shortly.

Who is Juicy in The Boys? 

Juicy is a gaming YouTuber from America. The real name of Juicy is Gaege Gibson, and he is 23 years old. Juicy is the gang member of The Green Gang and The Boys. Many of his fans know him from his collaboration with the EddieVR, Mully, JoshDub, and Your Narrator, and all the five members make up The Boys.

The first YouTube channel of Juicy is called venombite12, and his third channel is known as Big Juicy. Most of the time is seen in JoshDub’s videos and many subscribers of JoshDub like the comedy style and personality of Juicy.

Did Juicy Leave the Boys? 

Many Juicy and The Boy’s group fans have recently searched for this news. This news is unknown, but as far as our research, Juicy has not left The Boys. If he has done so, there probably will be a post or views of people on the internet.

Previously another rumor has spread that Juicy is suing The Boys, but it turns out it wasn’t true, and he is a part of it until now. So, ignore the rumors unless one of the members of the Boys posts about it. So, we hope that you got the answer – Did Juicy Leave the Boys?

The Bottom Line  

The Boys have made their names by entertaining their audience, becoming very famous. That is why there are a lot of rumors spreading related to them. Check out here for more new updates related to The Boys.

Do you like watching videos of The Boys? What do you think about their YouTube channel? Tell us about it in the comment section below. Also, do share this Did Juicy Leave the Boys post for informing others.

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