Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma {Jan} Find Its Answer!

Bob Saget died on 9th January 2022. Read to find Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma and his contribution in treatment.

The American comedian and standup actor Bob Saget died on 9th January 2022. He is remembered, among other things, for this crucial contribution to the Scleroderma Research Foundation in the United States and CanadaWith his death, a question came into the debate- Did Bob Saget Have SclerodermaBob is remembered for his role as Danny Tanner in Full House. The tragic death of his sister took him to contribute to Scleroderma research. This article will discuss some very interesting facets of his life. 

Early Life and Career of Bob Saget

Robert Lane Saget was born in 1956 in Philadelphia, United States. He graduated in 1975 and intended to become a doctor. But he instead somehow turned his attention towards films. Then, he moved to the Temple University Film School, where he created some short films and published certain articles. 

With this, Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma have a brief stint at a program before being cast for the role of Danny Tanner in Full House sitcom in 1987? In 1989, he hosted an American comedy show. Saget also directed his first film in 1998. Bob Saget then went on to host a game show named 1 v 100 in 2006. 

In the HBO Television series Entourage, he played a parody role of himself. The film ‘Farce of the Penguins’ was written and directed by Bob Saget and was released in 2007. Robert Lane Saget also wrote a book sharing his experiences through comedy and personal life. The book was released in 2014. 

Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma: Contributions by Saget

After the death of his sister from a brain aneurysm in 1985, Bob Saget started working on Scleroderma research. He started working with the Scleroderma Research Foundation. Scleroderma is a rarer disease that occurs mostly in women. It results in hardening and tightening of the skin. 

The tissue structure also gets affected. For assuring himself, Bob Saget made a film in 1996 depicting the story of a woman who has the Scleroderma. Bob said that he made it a mission of his life to find a cure to the disease. Through the event for a fundraiser after the film, Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma collected $25 million towards the research of Scleroderma. 

Bob Saget did not have Scleroderma, but he contributed immensely to the research modelling on the disease. In addition, Saget collected funds for research and treatment and asked people who have Scleroderma not to lose hope as the organization is making significant progress. 


Bob Saget was an American comedian and TV actor who contributed to the research of Scleroderma. After the death of his sister from a rare disease, he thought of contributing to the research and treatment of such rarer and deadly diseases. The question Did Bob Saget Have Scleroderma can be answered negatively. Bob did not have Scleroderma, but he contributed to his treatment through films, appeals, and other fundraiser events. 

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