Dick Schoof LinkedIn: Find Out The Latest 2024 News & His Wiki Details

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  • Dick Schoof has been nominated for the position of the next Prime Minister in the Netherlands.
  • He is a Civil Servant and is serving as the secretary general for the Ministry of Justice and Security.
  • Dick Schoof was born on 8th March 1957 and has been serving the nation for a long.

Dick Schoof LinkedIn Biography

Dick Schoof Vriendin has been serving in his office as a Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice and Security since 2010 till the present of May 2024. Earlier, he held other positions as a Civil Servant. Dick Schoof’s nomination as the next Prime Minister news is grabbing attention in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United States.

Dick Schoof LinkedIn Biography

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Dick Schoof LinkedIn

The below table will share details on Dick Schoof’s LinkedIn:-

Name Dick Schoof.
Occupation Secretary General at Ministry of Justice and Security.
Age 67 Years.
Worked In Director General of the General Intelligence and Security Service
Worked In Chief Director of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service
Worked In Chief Director of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service

Why is Dick Schoof on the news?

Dick Schoof LinkedIn shows that he started off his career at the Association of Netherlands Municipalities. After serving the office as a civil servant, Dick Schoof is now nominated as the next Prime Minister of the Netherlands. The coalition parties BBB, PVV, VVD and NSC together made this decision.

Dick Schoof’s Parents & More

He belongs to a Catholic family; however, details on his parents are missing. Still, we have shared some of the unknown facts about Dick Schoof Partij below.

Father Not Shared.
Mother Unknown.
Siblings Not Given.
Children Two (Names not known).

Is Dick Schoof Married?

According to reports Dick Schoof is married and has two children. However details of his wife are currently not available on the internet platforms. Thus, we are unable to share the exact name of his wife at this moment.

Check Dick Schoof Wiki  

Check Dick Schoof Wiki  

Find the correct Wikipedia details of Dick Schoof below:-

Full Name Hendrikus Wilhelmus Maria “Dick” Schoof.
Occupation Civil Servant.
Birthdate 8th March 1957.
Birthplace Santpoort, Netherlands.
Political Party PvdA till 2021.
Marital Status Married.


Dick Schoof’s Nationality and More

  • Nationality- Dick Schoof’s holds a Dutch nationality.
  • Religion- He didn’t share any religious views online.
  • Ethnicity- He belonged to a large Catholic family.

Dick Schoof’s Career

After getting the details on Dick Schoof LinkedIn, here know about his career in brief:-

  • Dick Schoof didn’t start his career as a civil servant initially.
  • He served in the Association of Netherlands Municipalities previously.
  • Then, he worked as a civil servant from the year 1988.
  • As of now, he has been nominated to be the next Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

His Educational Qualification

Check the details on Dick Schoof’s educational qualification here:-

Institutions Year
Radbound University (Urban and Regional Planning). 1975 to 1982.

Dick Schoof’s Height and More

Here you can get to know about Dick Schoof’s height and more:-

Height Not Available.
Weight Unknown.
Nomited As Prime Minister.
Position Civil Servant.

Summing Up

Dick Schoof LinkedIn blog shares all the necessary details on him. Dick Schoof holds immense experience in maintaining the national security of the Netherlands. He has been serving as a civil servant for several years now. His expertise and capability ultimately justify the nomination he has been offered for now. To learn more about the present nomination of Dick Schoof as Prime Minister, click on the link here.

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