Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4 (Jan 2022) How To Fix It?

On Xbox One, PS4, and PC, gamers see Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4, which states that Unified Geometry Buffer max surface allocation attained. Please read this post.

As the IT sector progresses fast, manufacturers are integrating the most advanced technologies in mobile phones, desktops, laptops, smartwatches, and gaming systems. There comes technical error in video games such as Call of Duty with such improvements.

Currently, Worldwide are worried about an error stopping them from enjoying their game sessions and killing their leisure time. Today, we cover essential information on Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4 that is easily resolvable. If you want to know about the solutions to this error, please continue reading.

What is Call of Duty- Warzone?

WarzoneTM Pacific introduces a new design, swapping out the bleak Verdansk’s Eastern European facade for the bright and bright Pacific landmass of Caldera in the Pacific Ocean. There’s always something going on overhead and below the water’s surface when there are many tropical landscapes to explore. Also available is “Vanguard Royale,” a new Warzone-based game option that includes Anti-Aircraft vehicles and a fighter plane for a high-octane the Second World War combat experience.

Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4 related to Warzone Anti-Cheat

A multifaceted approach to combating cheating, the RICOCHET Anti-CheatTM programme includes new server-side tools that monitor analytics to spot cheating, increased investigation methods to root out cheaters, and improvements to improve account security, among other things. The backend anti-cheat security measures developed by RICOCHET Anti-Cheat have been released for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Possible Solutions to the Dev Error 6039

While the official Call of Duty spokespersons has posted no legit solution, a user on Reddit has elaborated the following solution:

  • Use AMD CPU/Chipset drivers from
  • For Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4 solution, disable all overlays, update the graphics card driver, and disable Windows 10 game bar. Update your bio. Check DOCP/XMP for the dram after changing bios.
  • Did you let the game develop shaders for 5-10 minutes before restarting it after installing your graphics card driver?
  • Reboot your computer after installing fresh GPU drivers.
  • Also, upgrade Windows 10 to 1909 and later versions.
  • Ensure you have the driver for m.2 SSD or NVme.
  • Obtain the latest audio/network drivers for your motherboard from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Do not use any other antivirus.
  • For effective Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4, remove the rootkit with Valorant.
  • Also, uninstall CCleaner and use disc cleaner instead, as CCleaner is no longer trusted.

Users’ Reactions

Many Calls of Duty players are looking for the error 6039 solutions. They are constantly loading social media networks and forums with endless questions on possible solutions.

Since you can find multiple versions of error 6039, the most common version is “This error is due to game data that is illegible or corrupted in some way. In some circumstances, the problem is caused by a faulty network connection.”


Dev Error 6039 Warzone Ps4 in Call of Duty indicates that your game data file is corrupted. An upcoming Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone game update will solve the Warzone dev error 6034 reported on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Please share your views with us and check details on Tips on what to do when facing error.

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