Demur Wordle {April} An Answer To The Challenging Quiz!

Have you played the viral Wordle alike challenging game yet? Then, read the article to find out about Demur Wordle, which goes viral.

At this point, considering the popularity of the game, you must have heard about Wordle. But, do you know that another game like Wordle is trending right now? Netizens from Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, India, and other countries find the game Quordle more intriguing than Wordle. Read this article to know all details about Demur Wordle

About Quordle

Quordle game was launched a few days ago and became an instant favourite. Netizens prefer this game over Wordle as Quordle is more challenging and competitive to play. Millions of people on the internet love Quordle in which you have to guess four five-letter words. 

A new puzzle is released every day at midnight, and you have to solve it in less than nine attempts. Recently, after the release of the answer of the Qourdle 73 users all around are questioning the correctness of a word. One of the four answers was the word, Demur. 

Are you wondering, Is Demur a Word?

Everyone is scratching their head to find the word’s meaning, and hence the keyword is trending. Finally, we have the answer for you! The word Demur means, to raise an objection or show reluctance. Demur can be used as both verb and noun. 

Since this word spells just like ‘demure’, the two words are often interpreted as the same. But that’s not the case as both the words have very different meanings. Demure means modest and shy, while Demur means reluctant and objecting. So, the next time you use any of the two, be aware!

Let’s know more about Quordle and Demur Wordle

  • Freddie Meyer created the game.
  • In this game, there is a new puzzle every day.
  • Your every guess should be a valid five-letter word out of the nine guesses.
  • After you hit the enter button to submit your guess, the colour of the tile will change to indicate how close you are to the real answer.
  • If the tile is green, the letter placed is correct and in the right position.
  • If the tile becomes yellow, the letter is right, but the position is wrong.
  • If the colour remains unchanged, the letters are not there in the word of the day.

Comments on Quordle Demur Wordle

Gamers worldwide love Quordle ( ) as it challenges your vocabulary effectively and is fun to play. As a result, the game now has millions of players who try their best to find the correct words every day.


Quordle is a game similar to the famous Wordle but more challenging. You have to find four five-letter words in Quordle in nine or fewer attempts. There is a new puzzle every day, and recently answer to one of the puzzles was released. One of the answers was Demur, and netizens are guessing the word’s meaning.

If you have played Wordle before and are a fan of challenges and quizzes, you will definitely love the trending Demur Wordle game Quordle. 

Was this article on the Quordle game helpful to you? Tell us within the comments below about your experience of playing the game.

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