3 Reasons Why Delta 8 Gummies Are So Popular

There is a suggestion that the CBD market may have finally hit a plateau, hardly a surprise after several years of scarcely believable growth. However, it seems as if a new cannabinoid has come to take its place. Unlike CBD, delta-8-THC is an intoxicating substance.

Although there are slight traces of D8 in the Cannabis sativa L. plant, it is created through a chemical reaction. Indeed, most manufacturers use CBD and reflux it in an organic solvent to create delta-8. As products such as delta-8 gummies come from hemp, they are federally legal at present. That is if they contain a maximum delta-9 content of 0.3%.

The delta-8 market has been among the fastest-growing segments of the hemp compounds market since early 2021. Here are three reasons why so many people gravitate towards delta-8 gummies in particular.

1 – Delta-8 Gummies Offer a Pleasant High

Delta-8 is approximately half as potent as delta-9. Therefore, when you consume delta-8 gummies with 25mg of the compound apiece, the high you get is broadly similar to what you’ll experience after eating 12.5mg of D9 via a gummy.

Most users say they feel chilled out and relaxed after using delta-8 gummies. It is an extremely enjoyable high, and there’s a far lower risk of experiencing adverse effects such as anxiety than if you use delta-9. In general, you can expect to feel happier without feeling completely euphoric.

Also, the high provided by delta-8 gummies can last for several hours. Yes, the onset of the high may not occur for over an hour (depending on the user), but the effects are worth the wait. The mildness of the high means delta-8 is suitable for use at any time of the day. However, please note that you will be intoxicated, so you should avoid driving. You could also lose your job if you take D8 before or during work hours.

2 – Delta-8 Gummies Are Convenient

Recently, there has been a wave of popularity in the vaping market. Certainly, there are plenty of advantages to vaping delta-8. You benefit from fast effects and higher bioavailability. Also, you can bring your vaporizer with you and take a few hits on the move.

However, in many states, vaping is banned in the same places as tobacco cigarettes. You have no such issues with delta-8 gummies. You can eat a gummy at breakfast if you want to start a day away from work and responsibilities with a relaxed high. If you want to enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach in the afternoon, have a delta-8 gummy before leaving the house (we advise you NOT to go into the water while high, though!).

If you want to relax after a hard day at work or need help winding down and getting to sleep, you can rely on delta-8 gummies. Furthermore, you can bring them with you and eat them anytime without anyone noticing. That is, as long as the substance is legal in your state.

3 – Delta-8 Gummies Are Federally Legal

A federal court ruling in May 2022 ruled that delta-8 was a lawful substance according to the 2018 Farm Bill. This was great news for sellers of the cannabinoid as it massively increased their customer base overnight. Individuals unable to access marijuana (which IS federally legal) might have the opportunity to buy delta-8 gummies instead.

However, we must point out that over one-third of states have elected to outlaw delta-8 or restrict its sale. There are concerns over the manufacturing process, which is fair enough given the current lack of regulation in the delta-8 market.

To combat this issue, only buy delta-8 gummies from a reputable seller that provides third-party lab reports with each batch. A growing number of high-quality CBD sellers are now involved in the D8 market.

Final Thoughts on Why Delta-8 Gummies Are So Popular

Ultimately, it is easier to buy delta-8 gummies than in early 2022 now that they are federally legal. Of course, certain states have banned the substance, but it is still widely available in plenty of locations. D8 gummies are convenient, delicious and provide an enjoyable and long-lasting high, slightly different from what you’ll experience when using marijuana.

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