Definity Financial Corporation Cheque Scam (Jan 2022) Read!

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The guide shares details to help people know if Definity Financial Corporation Cheque Scam or legit.

The holiday seems to arrive early in Canada for 630 000 people in December 2021. Definity Financial Corporation Cheque worth thousands of dollars is delivered to many policyholders of the insurance firm. Now people are skeptical and want to know the real deal behind such Cheques. 

The leading Canadian insurance company, Definity Financial Corporation, has gone public. Because of the changes in the corporate structure, many policyholders of Economical Mutual Insurance Company are on the winning end. 

The company’s demutualization awarded thousands of dollars worth of cheques to the policyholders. But, recipients want to know if Definity Financial Corporation Cheque Scam or legit.   

What is Definity Financial Corporation Cheque?

The Economical Mutual Insurance Company celebrates its successful 150 years serving the people in Canada. After completing its initial public offering on 23rd Nov, it has gone public. 

The new parent company of the insurance firm is Definity Financial Corporation. The policyholders of Economical Mutual Insurance Company are the beneficial owners of the old insurance firm. Due to the demutualization, they can receive a slice of the profit due to corporate structure change. 

So, anyone who received the Definity Financial Corporation Cheque must not consider it a scam as it is legit and from reliable sources.

Is Definity Financial Corporation Cheque Scam or Legit?

The Definity Financial Corporation Cheque sent to all eligible policyholders is not a scam. Many reliable sources have confirmed that the email statement from the insurance firm confirming the arrival of the cheque has gone out to policyholders is real and not a scam. 

The insurance firm and the new parent company Definity Financial Corporation have also published a statement confirming that they have issued payments to eligible firm policyholders against the financial benefits they received from demutualization.

So, people asking whether Definity Financial Corporation Cheque Scam must know that it is not a scam as the cheque sent by the firm is real and a slice of the benefits they got from the process of demutualization. 

What People Have to Say About Definity Financial Corporation Cheque?

After analyzing the details about the cheque online, we found many comments on a discussion forum. People who received the cheque via email wonder if it is a real deal or a scam to target people by an insurance company. 

Many policyholders who received the payment cheque are surprised by the unknown amount from the insurance company. They want to know if Definity Financial Corporation Cheque Scam or legit. 

So, they took the discussion forum to discuss the matter, and later it was confirmed that the cheque was real and the company had set up a web page for inquiries of the people. The pay cheque is not a scam and must be considered authentic. 


Many Economical Mutual Insurance Company policyholders received a pay cheque as a demutualization. They are confused as the cheque they received was sent unknowingly. Therefore, many people took the discussion to know if Definity Financial Corporation Cheque Scam or legit.     

After analysis, it is confirmed that the cheque is a part of payment benefits the parent company got after demutualization, and they are sharing the benefits with the eligible policyholders. You may check the discussions and comments online on the Definity Financial Corporation Cheque.

Did you have the email statement confirming the Definity Financial Corporation Cheque? Please share your experiences in the comment section. Also, learn here about online scams.


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