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How many of you are keeping track of the infamous Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation case viral across Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom? While the highlight of the case has been Depp and Heard, every aspect of the trial is getting noticed.

The latest to feel the axe of the case is Dr David Spiegel, who represented Heard’s team as a witness for providing testimony. Thus, we here bring you a detailed insight into David Spiegel Reviews and what has been the audience’s reaction to his presence.

Who is Dr David Spiegel?

Since the beginning, the much talked Depp and Heard defamation case had taken many turns. When the trial resumed on Monday, it saw new twists. These included calling Dr Spiegel was approached by Heard’s team to provide his expert testimony surrounding intimate physical violence and substance abuse.

That led to the pouring of reviews on Google giving their testimony on Dr David Spiegel Depp testimony. We will provide a sneak peek to our readers about why Dr Spiegel is in the news and run through a few reviews in the coming sections.

Why is Dr David Spiegel in the News?

  • The defense called Dr David Spiegel to provide his expert testimony on intimate physical violence.
  • As per sources, that was strongly objected to by Depp’s legal team and turned out to be a combative cross-examination.
  • Herein, Wayne Dennison was seen questioning Dr Spiegel about having no mention of IPV on his resume, without which he is not qualified to provide testimony on the same.

Dr David Spiegel Reviews – A Sneak Peek

Dr Spiegel, who testified against Depp, was on the receiving end by the actor’s fans. His google review section was flooded with one-star ratings and reviews.

Hours after the trial, there were reviews left on Dr Spiegel’s section wherein one reviewer was seen commenting about Dr Spiegel himself opting for therapy instead. Another review talked about the psychiatrist being unprofessional, hostile and arrogant. Besides, reviewers and fans were also asked to strip the Doctor’s medical license.

Besides, the Doctor also received negative reviews and one-star ratings on other review platforms. Herein, David Spiegel Amber Heard case appearance was critiqued for concluding about a person whom he never met. All the information provided here is taken from sources, and we hold no claim to it.

Final Conclusion

As per sources, Dr Spiegel spoke to the court about Mr Depp’s behaviour aligned with someone who suffers from substance disorder and as a perpetrator of IPV or intimate partner violence.

That eventually drew much attention and anger from Depp’s fans, who lashed his review section with negative reviews and low star ratings. Do you want to know more about David Spiegel Reviews? Then do read.

Did you go through the latest trial and news of the Depp and Heard case? Share your feedback and views about the case in the comments section below.

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