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Here, this post will discuss David Sanborn Death Wife in 2024 and also learn about his private and professional career. His fans worldwide are trying to find out David’s details after his death.         

When did David Sanborn Died?

On 13th May 2024, legendary alto saxophone player David passed away. David was a Grammy award-winning artist. He had Prostate cancer, which was diagnosed in 2018.

His condition was complicated, and he passed away in Tarrytown, New York. David was 78 years old when he died. In his last days, he spent time with his wife, Alice Soyer. People are mourning his loss as he was a loved artist.

News of his passing away was shared through the official social media account of Sanborn. Even after the diagnosis, he used to play at the concerts. However, just a few months back, all of his schedules were canceled. 

Because of his worsened condition, which became complicated in the end, A few of the big media houses, such as Rolling Stone, also confirmed the news of his passing away on Sunday in Tarrytown.  

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David Sanborn Saxophone Player Career

David Sanborn Saxophone Player Career

Although he had been a session musician for many years before the release of his first solo album, “Taking Off.” He had been playing the saxophone way before he was a high schooler. He performed as a session musician, contributing to multiple albums by different musicians. 

David is considered amongst the most reputed saxophonists. He started to gain popularity during the 1980s. His work was admired by musicians all around the world.

Although he acknowledged that he didn’t much enjoy the smooth jazz that was popular on radio, he was frequently associated with it. He had worked with a few of the greats, such as James Brown, Stevie Wonder, David Bowe, etc. 

The list of his work in the music industry is never-ending. He has also worked as an actor and a host. He had also made guest appearances on some shows. He had won six Grammys and earned a lot of other honors.

Wikipedia Information on David Sanborn

Wikipedia Information on David Sanborn

People are searching for ‘David Sanborn Death Wife’ on the internet. Here are a few details about his personal life.

Full Name  David William Sanborn
Popularly Known as:

David Sanborn

Date of Birth  30th July, 1945
Place of Birth Tampa, Florida, United States
Age 78 years old
Nationality American
Death On 13th May 2024
Death Place Tarrytown, New York


No details are available 


No details are available


North-western University, but later at Iowa University


Musician, Actor and Saxophone Player

Instrument He played Alto Saxophone and Piano

Marital Status 

Wife Alice Soyer
Children  He has a son name, Jonathan Sanborn
Reason of Death

He was suffering from Prostate Cancer


He played Jazz, Blues rock, R&B, Jazz Fusion, Blues and Pop 


David died on Sunday, 13th May 2024, due to cancer complications. He was diagnosed with the Prostate cancer back in 2018. However, after diagnosis, he performed in concerts as scheduled. 

But, for the past few months, he had been facing severe health issues. He was not able to come over, and cancer took his life. Sanborn was a celebrated artist, and people are paying their condolences to his family. 

David’s fans want to know everything about him. Thus, we have provided David Sanborn Death Wife & more details in this write-up. If you’re going to visit David Sanborn’s Wikipedia page, then click here and visit.

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