Dark and Darker Wizard Class Guide

In Dark and Darker, the mage class is called a Wizard. The Wizard may deliver tremendous damage and give their team bonuses while using either a Staff or a Spell Book. The Wizard is a glass cannon, similar to the Ranger, but the damage output (particularly the fireballs) makes the class great fun to play. The Wizard of Dark and Darker might be the right class if you enjoy messing with the world’s mystical forces. This guide includes information about the Wizard in Dark and Darker, weapons, a summary of perks and abilities, and gameplay tips & tricks.

Overview of the Wizard Class

In Dark and Darker, the Wizard is an intense class that can be utilized in solo and multiplayer scenarios. The Wizard can be played in various ways based on your spells, perks, or ability setup.

Pros of this Class

  • Both Haste and ranged spells are incredibly powerful.
  • Several deadly spells.
  • Unlike the Cleric, they can meditate to recover spells mid-run.
  • Many party members’ benefits
  • One of the most vital classes in the game, dealing enormous damage at a steady rate.

Cons of this Class

  • Low health pool; feeble.
  • Slow movement and interaction.
  • Playing alone can be a significant challenge, particularly when facing quick rogues and rangers.

The Best Perks for the Wizard Class

The Wizard has nine perk options, of which you can equip four. What you choose for many of these advantages depends on the spells you like using. To bring heavily-geared Wizards more in line with the remaining classes, the Wizard has received a heavy-handed debuff. Unfortunately, the reduction applies to all Wizards, even if you’re just starting. Yet, there are still options to consider. We suggest the following perks for the class.


Wizards have a fantastic combo when they choose Melt, starting with Fireball and switching to Magic Missiles. Melt increases the impact of Magic Missiles by 10% for 5 seconds by reducing the armour of a target hit by fire spells.

Quick Chant

The Wizard is extremely slow in whatever he does. The Wizard is played through molasses, whether you’re trying to unlock the door or move around a room. You can cast spells 10% more quickly with Quick Chant, and every little bit helps.

Ice Shield

Wizards have a +20 armour rating thanks to Ice Shield, and anyone who attempts to melee you will get Frostbite. This will significantly improve your survival ability; some people wear it as soon as they start playing with the class.

Arcane Mastery

If you frequently use the tried-and-true Magic Missiles, this perk will shorten their casting time by one second and boost their damage by 5%.

Best Gear for the Wizard Class

Wizards scale with Will incredibly well; therefore, players should always work to enhance this with whatever equipment they can. Wizards are at the other extreme of the scale and can destroy entire groups with a few spells. In contrast, starting with a Wizard is incredibly challenging because they are gear-dependent. This class benefits from buying spell books and exchanging your staff for them because they have a lower movement speed penalty.

Any melee weapon one can discover on the merchants is the second gear pickup. Rondel Daggers are frequently available from The Weaponsmith, so getting a few to carry in your inventory is a good idea. Use a melee weapon in those situations where a Fireball or Zap would be in excess or reveal your location. Wizards frequently remove all of their initial gear from their bodies because the advantages aren’t worth the weight or movement speed tradeoff. If you are in need of any weapon, you can easily purchase them using Gold Coins. If you are falling short of these coins, the best way is to purchase them from MMOPixel.

Best Weapons for the Wizard Class

The Wizard begins with a Staff and eventually can use crystal balls, crystal swords, and spellbooks. The Spellbook is typically the most excellent option due to its quick casting speed, but the Crystal Sword is superior if you like a magic-melee hybrid style. The Wizard wears mostly leather and cloth bits of armour, which hardly slows him down.

Best Spells for the Wizard Class

Players may choose up to five spells from 11, and each Spell Memory can store five spells.

Spells when playing in a party

When playing in a group, it’s usually best to choose spells that do less damage in exchange for buffs & debuffs because wizards have a horrible habit of annihilating their parties with a carelessly placed Fireball. Therefore, the following spells are suggested if you’re playing in a party:

Light Orb

Having complete illumination makes room clearing considerably safer because your party won’t have to investigate corners for the rogue painstakingly. In addition, it’s beneficial to avoid tripping over every spike trap throughout the dungeon.


Ignite will wrap your teammates’ weapons in fire, increasing their magic damage output by 5 for each hit and adding a DoT burn. Before engaging in combat with a group of opponents or a particularly deadly foe like the Ghost King, disperse this.


This is a useful mid-battle spell to support a companion in a struggle. Haste provides a 14% action & move speed bonus for 8 seconds.

Ice Bolt

It is a single-target spell that deals damage and also slows targets. Letting your teammates surround the opposition is a good way to start any conflict or otherwise plan the approach.

Chain Lightning

Several enemies will be struck by Chain Lightning, zapping them all for substantial amounts of damage. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t use this when other members of your group are nearby because it will kill everybody that chains to it. Instead, employ this spell as a door opener in PvP battles or as a room cleaner before entering a room.

Spells when playing solo

If you are trying the Wizard solo, you cannot afford to have buffs like Haste and Light Orb on your bar. Instead, you must concentrate on DPS and debuffs to make encounters as controllable as possible. Try out these spells:


It is a short spell with minimal frills that also gives the target a 1-second DoT. Useful for ending fights or pushing a player close to demand a decision.

Magic Missile

The most typical mistake in Wizard play in Dark and Darker is an overreliance on Magic Missile. Magic Missile fires a maximum of ten homing missiles with a damage of 12 each, but it ceases firing the instant you move. So often, depending on your armour rating & current health pool, you’ll have to choose if you’re willing to absorb an incoming blow in order to deal a little bit more damage.


Whether or not it has been nerfed, the Fireball still deals 10 damage in an AoE and 30 damage to direct hits. So if you realize a Rogue or Ranger is close, you may use this efficiently around corners, and it can also be utilized to deplete a sizable group’s Health.

Chain Lightning

You don’t have to be concerned about unintentionally chaining the damage into the remaining of your party when it’s just you. Although you should be cautious because the lightning could come around and zap you, this is a good technique to clean the room without putting yourself in danger.

Gameplay Tips for Wizard you must remember!

  • The Wizard starts slowly, and you will experience its full strength once you’re fully stocked with respectable gear and perks. The grind moves somewhat slowly.
  • You’ll probably find that you’re the target in most group interactions. You can apply Haste to yourself to escape circumstances or use it to enhance an ally (Barbarians are an excellent choice for this).
  • Be cautious when casting spells because it is easy to hit yourself or your allies accidentally.
  • When playing solo, a skilled Wizard is dangerous. Even with the most basic equipment, your damage output is very high. A well-placed Fireball or a few Magic Missiles can destroy other players with a similar low gear. Missiles and Fireballs are likewise incredibly challenging to avoid.
  • The finest characteristic is Cast Speed because it affects how quickly you can use Meditation to regenerate spells and cast Magic Missiles, a lethal spell.
  • Don’t hesitate to use Extra magic damage.
  • Make use of dark and darker Gold wherever you feel necessary.


The Dark and Darker Wizard class is the perfect option if you wish to conquer the dungeons as a strong mage, conjuring lightning strikes and hurling fireballs. Thanks to the above guide, you have all the knowledge required to become a great Wizard in Dark and Darker. So if you’re considering playing this excellent class, jump into the game, gear up, and start wreaking havoc!

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