Daniel Watts Governor (Aug 2021) Why Is It Trending?

Daniel Watts Governor (Aug 2021) Why Is It Trending? >> Read the article to know about the incident that made the personality trending on the news platforms.

One of the moments in society when the public feels powerful and in control of the future of their country and their well-being is no doubt during elections. Yet, it is the time of all sorts of chaos and feels like a whirl of activities is happening every day. 

Like every year, no election in the United States is free of its fair share of newsworthy situations. And you don’t need to worry if you are not aware of the current newsworthy situation we are referring to, as we will dive into every nook and corner of this incident for you.

So let’s dive into the much anticipated Daniel Watts Governor situation and why is this particular person trending now.  

Who is Daniel Watts? 

Before understanding the whole ordeal, we must talk about the person who happens to be at the center of this all other than Daniel Watts. The name may not strike a ball with the mass population, but he is gaining popularity. 

Daniel Watts was born on 26 August 1982 is a 38-year-old who is a close member of the Democratic party in the United StatesHe is an advocate for free speech who practiced civil litigation and hence has practiced as an attorney

The Reason Why Daniel Watts Governor is Trending

During his time as an attorney, Mr. Watts has been a vocal representative of Free speech law and has represented civil rights and business disputes in state and federal courts of California. 

However, his accomplishments were not the reason for the sudden attention he garnered. Recently the famous writer Cormac McCarthy made it public via his team that the account on Twitter that has been active on his name since 2018 was not his and had nothing to do with him. 

Following this announcement by the McCarthy’s team Twitter rectified their mistake by removing the symbol of verification from the account. 

People later found that Daniel Watts Governor was behind the account. He started this account after reading some books by the author, such as The Road. The account was made as a parody of the modern world using Cormac McCarthy’s hilarious writing style.

The Aftermath

After the discovery was made, Mr. Watts came forward and cleared the air about the intention of his move to make this account. However, according to the sources, he didn’t use the account as a medium for self-promotion, and this Twitter account was just his way of starting a small comedy project. 

Daniel Watts Governor made it clear that he never intended to trick anyone and that if people followed the account, it was because of the funny perspective that the account provides. 

Twitter had suspended the account after when McCarthy’s spokespeople noticed that it was not an authentic account of the writer.


As a concluding thought, we would like to inform our readers that whatever information we have compiled here is based on online searches. According to the searches, some people did enjoy the funny posts posted on the account, and as said by Daniel Watts Governor, no one was supposedly harmed. Hence it may be seen as an error in judgment or foresight. Visit here, if you are interested to know about famous writer Cormac McCarthy.  

What are your thoughts on the incident, and do you agree with the actions taken? Let us know in the comments section below.

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