Daily Quordle Fools {April 2022} Know Gameplay Details!

This article is related to the pranks by Quardle, and please focus on the article Daily Quordle Fools.

Do you celebrate April fool’s day? Have you ever imagined that even Wordle will prank you on April 1? If not, let us correct you that the trendiest game of today did pranks with players. This led the people of the United States and the United Kingdom to call this day the worst day of the year.

The prank was not precisely a prank but just a more challenging and tricky puzzle to guess in Daily Quordle Fools. People struggled a lot to nail down the answer. If you’re also excited to know about more of that day, keep scrolling down the article-

Hints of Quordle Fools-

There are various hints to crack Wordle of April 1:-

  • The safest commencing letter is Ouija, as it will disclose which vowels are in yesterday’s Wordle.
  • It can be utilized to interpret a particular category of a creature’s complexion.
  • An aardvark is a creature that has a significantly extended edition of April 1’s phrase of the day.
  • Synonyms for yesterday’s Wordle include phrases like “beak” and “nose.”
  • Merriam Webster distinguishes Wordle digit 286 as a long projecting beak on a pig.

Answer to Daily Quordle Fools

If you have played Quardle, then you must know that each new is dedicated towards a new Quardle.

  • The 67 Quardle has released answers for the Quardle of April 1, 2022, recently. So it out duty to let you know that. 
  • After the fame of the Wordle game, many new developers have launched news games on the same criteria of guessing words. 
  • Many of the players are saying that Quardle is tougher than Wordle to play with. 
  • The answer for today’s Quardle is the Mauve, Minor, Handy and the Gauge. 

Let us find out why Daily Quordle Fools is on everyone’s lips?

Why is this Trending? 

The game permits Its players to share the results on their Twitter accounts with their followers as this game has become viral worldwide in 2021. 

Today’s Quardle is trending due to the scenario of April Fools as the players want to know eagerly what was the concept of the Quardle for April Fools. 

Everybody all around the UK wants to know today’s word after the gamers announced that it was an April Fools plan. 

Rules of Quardle 

The game of Daily Quordle Fools its players on the occasion of April fools. Generally, the players are expected to guess the words mentioned on the screen. The game gives 4 chances per player. 

The Colour will change according to the guess of the player. If the player guesses it right, it will turn green, and if the guess is wrong, the tile’s Colour will change to grey. 


This article has found that Quardle is a fantastic game for the people who want such a game to pass their time by playing Daily Quordle Fools during the hectic days of college or office work. Analyzis of the game found that there’s a chance that the developers are friendly with their players. 

There are total a population of 2Million players who play this game. Let us know through the comments that did you liked the prank by Quardle. Moreover, find out why people are hustling over heardle today

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