Cybersecurity for Newbies

Complete Guide to Cybersecurity for Newbies

Cybersecurity for Newbies: It’s been a news topic and the premise of many television show episodes. It’s mentioned regularly in tech circles but is otherwise elusive. It’s cybersecurity, and it is high time that it becomes a priority for everyone.

People constantly think about securing their valuables, but they struggle with how to secure themselves online. When this happens, they leave themselves wide open to crafty criminals.

Let’s take a look at what cybersecurity is, why it’s important and how you can use it to protect yourself from online threats.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is, at it’s core, being proactive in protecting against any unauthorized use of personal or proprietary electronic data. There are people who recognize the value of your personal online data and are actively working to steal data that you store online. This could be anything from your banking info, school registration or even social media accounts. 

Cybersecurity is not that different in theory than your home security. When you’re securing your home, you think about all the ways that a criminal could get in. You evaluate your risk assessment and then take appropriate action. For example, if you live in an area with a lot of crime, you bar your windows and have multiple locks. Alternatively, if you live in a peaceful little town with low levels of criminal activity, you may only lock your doors at night. Then, there is the middle option of having a security system — just in case.

Cybersecurity is very much the same; there are a variety of tiers and methods that you can put into place to ensure you’re secured. For example, you may feel most comfortable with extensive firewalls and anti-virus protection. Cybersecurity measures can protect any number of online facets from your identity, website, business protection and more.

Why Is Cybersecurity Important?

Cybersecurity is important because we all live a significant portion of our lives online. Everything from photos and documents to banking and medical records are available with a few clicks. This is why it’s so important to have cybersecurity. No matter what you do online, you do not want to lose valuable information because someone found a security hole.

Cybersecurity is multifaceted and not just a matter of protecting your home network. It also includes being mindful online when you’re interacting with others. There are many cases where personal Instagram and Facebook accounts are hacked and held at ransom. With a quick click, everything they had could be deleted. Unlike banking or corporate companies where violations can be remedied, hacked accounts cannot always be fixed. The consequences can be devastating.

How Do I Use Cybersecurity?  

After reviewing your own risk tolerance, you’ll know exactly how much protection that you need. Norton with LifeLock provides a full suite of features for users of any level. LifeLock’s key feature is that, in addition to keeping cybercriminals away from your real life and cyber identities, it also acts as an insurance policy for your identity. Whether you’re looking for a lock on your door or you want something as complicated as a state-of-the-art home surveillance system, LifeLock isn’t just for the tech-savvy. Everyone can benefit from a quality company looking out for them, and software like LifeLock is the fully loaded home security system for your computer. 

Don’t Sleep on Your Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity can seem incredibly overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar with what it is. Your online identity, bank account information and social media are all worth protecting.

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