Curveladies Reviews {June} Is This A Legitimate Site?

Curveladies Online Website Reviews

This article about Curveladies Reviews shares every detail about the various products it deals in and more on its worthiness. Follow our blog to know more.

Want to buy the latest trending clothes? Failed to find a shopping portal that offers clothes of various designs? Then this site could be a perfect match for you. This website has received different positive responses from people in the United States. 

In this article today on Curveladies Reviews, we will focus on every detail of this shopping portal and further detail on its worthiness. To know more, follow the blog below.

What is

This is a fantastic global web-based shopping portal dealing with various types of clothes specially designed for women. This web portal has a vast collection of dresses, accessories, and other things for women. The quality of their products is excellent, offer comfortable fittings for all the curve ladies.

However, this is an online shopping site. The buyer fails to trust them and wishes to know Is Curveladies Legit? We have shared further detail about the site below to understand its worthiness.

Points to be specified:

  • The URL of Webpage:
  • The birth of Webpage– 18/05/2021
  • The webpage expiration– 18/05/2023
  • Service through Email–
  • Office location– The web portal has not provided details about its address. 
  • Details for contacting– No contact phone number is present.
  • Web developer name– There is no information about the web-developer present on their site.
  • Delivery timing – It takes nearly 3-7 working days to deliver the orders.
  • Free delivery service: It provides free shipping service on orders over $79.
  •  Standard policy on Shipping: According to Curveladies Reviews, It takes 9-16 days to deliver the product in the standard shipping.
  • Social site logo – No social media logo is present on their site.
  • Custom charges: It charges custom duties from the customer for its products.
  • Service on return– It provides a 15days return policy for all its products.
  • Payment methods– Master Card, Paypal, Visa, etc.

Positive aspects of

  • It provides free shipping services. 
  • It offers various payment methods.
  • It has shared its Email Id for better customer support.

Drawbacks of

  • It has not shared its contact number for customer service.
  • It has not mentioned its location of office which is required.
  • It does not provide any detail about its web developer. 

Is Curveladies Legit or Scam Web-portal?

Buyers should go through all the information of this web-portal before shopping from such web-portal. Listed below are certain points which will help you to conclude on its Legitimacy:

  • Website birth date: It was introduced on 18/05/2021, having an average experience in this web-based market. 
  • Number to contact: No contact phone number is present on its homepage.
  • Logo of social media: No social media logo is present on their website.
  • Index of Trust: It has got an average trust point of about 45%.
  • Location of office: By following Curveladies Reviews, The web portal has not provided any detail about its address in their website.
  • Duplicate Content Rate: The web portal has 0% copied content.
  • Ranking on Alexa: The website has got a global Alexa rank of around #2657793.
  • Refund period– It offers return within 5-15 working days on all its products.
  • Non-refundable Products: No information about non-refundable goods is present in their site.
  • Order cancellation details– The web-portal allows the cancellation of orders before shipping.
  • Exchange item details: The web-portal provides an easy exchange policy on all its products.

Curveladies Reviews:

The Webpage has got various customer reviews for every product, mainly receiving five stars. But no reviews are available online on the reliable platforms. However, the Webpage lacks social media logos, but the Alexa rank of the Webpage is around #2657793, which sheds light on the legitimacy of the site. Customers should look into – Easy and Simple methods of refund from paypal.

Summing Up:

The website has various customers. The web portal has got an average experience in this online market. Moreover, the web portal has an average Trust Index. However, the website has no social media logo present on their Webpage. But it has various customer Curveladies Reviews on the official website, but no reviews are present online.

This seems a scam website, and we cannot suggest every user to buy from this site, however experienced users can try this site. Customers should also verify- How to Get money refund on credit card scams.

Did you ever face a credit card Scam? Comment your opinions.

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