Cursed Technique Anime Fighting Simulator (Aug) Read!

Cursed Technique Anime Fighting Simulator (Aug) Read! >> In this post, you will know about a new technique that gives you special powers in a game.

Do you enjoy playing Anime Fighting Simulator? Then this post might be of interest because, in this post, we will be discussing a feature that is being talked about by the game’s fans. As we know, Anime fighting Simulator is a very famous game based on favorite anime characters. 

The gamers love the storyline and gameplay in the Philippines, the United Statesand many other countries. This Cursed Technique is a new feature in Anime fighting Simulator. Let us discuss Cursed Technique Anime Fighting Simulator further in this post. 

What is Cursed Technique?

The cursed technique can also be called as technique, is an advanced form of jujutsu that gives gamers the ability to use special skills. It is a new technique recently released with the latest update – Update 19 of Anime Fighting Simulator. 

You can use this technique by clicking any key bound in specials with your PC for PC players or by pressing the Cursed Technique button at the center top of the screen. You cannot use the Cursed technique when Bloodlines, Fruits, Quirks, Kagunes, Stands, Grimoires, Sword Styles, Titans, or Demon Art is active. 

Attacks of Cursed Technique Anime Fighting Simulator

Cursed Techniques have different attacks which you can perform. The attacks are mentioned below:

  • Straw Doll – It allows gamers to channel the cursed energy to the enemies through the nails they manipulate. It uses a toolset that consists of nails, a straw doll, and a hammer. The rarity of this attack is over 65.34%.
  • Ratio – This attack uses a stick-like thing. The enemy deals with a critical hit if the gamers strike with a ratio of 7:3 by one of these lines. Thus, it can destroy the weaker opponents and can cause major damage to powerful opponents. The rarity of this attack is over 25.56%.
  • Volcano – This attack of the Cursed Technique Anime Fighting Simulator can give gamers the ability to generate and control powerful lava and flames. It gives the gamers ability to develop pyrokinetic abilities. The rarity of this attack is over 8.52%.
  • Limitless – It gives the gamers the ability to manipulate and distort space at will by bringing convergence and divergence of infinite series. The rarity of this attack is over 0.56%.

Gamers’ Reviews on Cursed Technique

The techniques and features of this new update have a good impression on the gamers. Most reviews on the Cursed Technique Anime Fighting Simulator are positive. One gamer stated, “The new update is worth the wait.”

A limitless attack is getting a different kind of attention compared to other attacks of Cursed technique. A gamer stated, “Limitless is the best cursed for me.”

The Final Verdict 

You should try these new Cursed techniques if you haven’t already because it will help you enjoy the game to the fullest by giving you different special abilities. Check out here for a detailed introduction to the Cursed Techniques

Have you used any of the Cursed techniques yet? Let us know your impression of that in the comment section below. Also, share this Cursed Technique Anime Fighting Simulator post to inform others. 

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