Crystallized Aut (March 2022) About & Appearance!

This article will tell you all the key details and sufficient information regarding Crystallized Aut.

In today’s era, video games have taken the place of televisions for teens. If you are scouring for how to get crystallized in A Universal Time, then you are going right.

A Universal Time Is ruling the video game industry with its regular interesting updates and upgraded stand features. Crystallized is one of those. People in the Philippines, and the United States, are curious to know about it.

Today, we will tell you each minute and materialistic detail regarding Crystallized Aut. Let’s begin.

What is Special about A Universal Time?

A Universal Time is one of the well-liked games on the most popular platform, Roblox. It holds a unique and special place among players’ hearts due to its distinctive and remarkable concept, props. 

Players are witnessing an astounding gaming experience as the game offers fantastic rewards for victory. Aut has marked a great height of success within a short span.

The game has come up with a new stand named as crystallized. In a further discussion, you would come to know a detailed description about the same.

What is Crystallized Aut All About?

Crystallized is a new model possessed by Aut, with a peculiar appearance with incredible features and powers.

Following are the few traits from the appearance of crystallized:

  • Small chunks of crystals jutted out of their head.
  • The model poses a dark purple body with diagonal light purple strips forming a distinct motif over it. 
  • It contains a Neon orange cross on their hands, similar to their face.

Crystallized are acquired by making use of Stand Arrow on Kazuma Kiryu.

What is the Move Set of Crystallized?

Following are the few key binds Crystallized Aut that hold the given command:

  • Click (Light Punch): This allows the model to perform quick right and left hook

Resulting in 10 damages per punch and takes 0.1 seconds to cool down.

  • E+ hold (Crystallized Barrage): Allowed the model to perform quick boast of heavy strikes and swift. It does 144 damages in total, 12 damages per hit, took 4-6 seconds to cool down.
  • R (Crystallized Heavy Punch): through a single heavy blow at a competitor, it does 35 damages at one go and takes 4-6 seconds to cool down.

What are the Key Features of Crystallized?

Following are the some of the Key Features of Crystallized Aut:

  • If you want a sound mobility combo, then try (B + V).
  • It is an amazing short-range option.
  • It has a very scanty move set.
  • Planet sharper, its evolution takes a considerable amount of time (for about 4- 5 hours) to get an average.

Wrapping It All 

Crystallized is a non-canon stand that is obtainable right now in the game. It has a tremendous appearance and holds a considerate number of powers and actions. 

Aut is an engaging game with its unique stands like Crystallized Aut. The above mentioned are the few key facts about the stand. Visit here to know more about this non-canon stand

How many of you have obtained the crystallized? Please leave your comments in the comment section below.

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