Cryst Wordle {July} Is It A Hint Or Correct Answer!

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This article contains the answer to Wordle 398 and clears the confusion about the wordle and Cryst Wordle.

Are you hooked on Wordle games? Have you been playing these games every day? What are your likes about this game? We are here to discuss the enormously famous Wordle game which has taken over the Internet. In some countries like Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc., this game has been played by many. 

Cryst Wordle has been trending on the Internet since people are searching for the same related to Wordle. Is it the answer? Or the hint? Let us find out. 

Wordle 398

Wordle 398 is trending in the news as it has got something strange. Most of the users are surprised by the answer, and hence that causes them difficulty with getting the right answer to the challenge. Do you want to know the answer? We are here to help you with the challenge. People are looking for hints on the Internet and are confused with Cryst as the answer and were searching for Cryst Definition. There is a similar word cyst which means ‘a body formed due to different elements.’

But the right answer to Wordle 398 is ‘TRYST’, and it will help you win the challenge of 22 July. But it would help if you always looked for the hints before getting to the answer directly. 

What are the hints? 

Let us take a look at the hints for Wordle 398. You can use the following hints to get to the correct answer of 22 July. Below is the list of hints:

  • The first letter of the word is ‘T.’
  • The meaning of the word is a meeting between two lovers. 
  • There is no vowel in this word. 

Similarly, all these hints could be used to guess the answer rightly. Now, if you think that Is Cryst a Word? Then you must know that there is no such word. 

Why is this trending? 

Wordle is known for its fun element with daily challenges. You must have seen that Wordle challenges usually consist of a vowel, be it one or more. And that’s the main trick of the challenges in this game. It would help if you tried using some vowels in the first place. 

Whereas the answer to Wordle 398 does not contain any vowel in it. Isn’t it strange? This is a rare case where there is no vowel in the Wordle answer. Hence, this challenge was difficult to win. As mostly, there are vowels used in words. 

Is Cryst Wordle the answer? 

People were confused with Cryst as the right answer sounded similar to Cryst. And it was given as a hint to the answer, although people assumed that was the answer and were searching for its meaning on the Internet. Nevertheless, the right answer is ‘Tryst’, and you can use it to win the challenge if you cannot guess it.


We have come to an end and therby we can conclude this topic. It contains the hints of Wordle 398 and also the correct answer. You can use the correct answer after using the hints. Also, we have cleared the confusion about the Cryst Wordle

We wish you that this article helps you to win your daily challenge. You can try it out and let us know about your experience. Follow this link next  to try the challenges.

What are your views about this article? Please guide us with your thoughts in the comments below. 

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