Crushmetric Reviews (March) Is This A Legit Online Site?

Crushmetric Online Website Reviews

This blog post contains fair Crushmetric Reviews about the site that claims to sell switch pens.

Do you want to gather more information about the Crushmetric store? Then jump on this reviews’ session. 

On the internet you will find many newly invented products so, today we have decided to tell the shoppers about the latest website named Crushmetric that offers newly created pens. If you wonder what’s new in the offered pen, then get into these Crushmetric Reviews to find the answers to your questions. 

The site delivers to many parts of the world, including the United States so, scroll down to find out about the site’s legitimacy. 

What is Crushmetric?

Crushmetric is the online platform that has recently established its multi-design pens business. The website deals in a switch pen that can change into two different designs from the inside. Moreover, the offered pen is ballpoint and can seamlessly change between crushed and solid. In addition, the website deals in a single product yet, which is available in two different combos like a pack of 5 and 10. It seems a bit exciting in the looks. 

The official website has mentioned the pen’s features and specifications to educate the customers about the product, but we still can’t decide Is Crushmetric Legit or a scam store. 

Let’s read further to get honest answers. 

Terms and conditions of Crushmetric 

  • Website’s home page link-
  • Support service mail ID- unavailable 
  • Products- switch- pen 
  • Shipping charges- $5
  • company address- not mentioned 
  • Contact number- no information 
  • Delivery period- reveal after entering area zip code 
  • Newsletter- mentioned 
  • Social media links- available 
  • Payment options- not revealed 
  • Domain launch date- 23/08/2020
  • Exchange and return policy- not mentioned 
  • Estimated refund period- unavailable 

It’s is suggested to read the shoppers’ Crushmetric Reviews to understand the product and website’s after-sale services.

What are the positive reasons to buy from Crushmetric?

  • The website is HTTPS secured.
  • The site is selling its item at the best prices.
  • It has mentioned the active social media links on the portal. 
  • It has mentioned the product and its specifications. 
  • The website delivers throughout the United States and many other regions. 

What are the negative reasons to buy from Crushmetric?

  • The website’s most relevant information is missing since the site has not disclosed the email ID, telephone number, and company address.
  • There is no feedback mentioned on the official site yet.
  • Customers are not seemed much impressed with the product.

Is Crushmetric Legit?

Many online portals are presented on the internet that deal in single-line items, but we cannot trust all these newly created stores blindly to avoid the risk of scams or fraud. Moreover, we have summed up some information regarding this website to disclose its credibility among the interested audience so, let’s read the below-listed pointers.

  • Domain launch date- the website domain must be more than six months old to quality the legitimacy test, and the site’s domain was created on 23/08/2020; hence the site has qualified one parameter. 
  • Customer opinions- No customers Crushmetric Reviews published on the official portal. Besides that, there are some reviews available on the external links. 
  • Social media links- Instagram, Twitter, and Ticktock links are specified. 
  • Domain expiration date- The domain name will terminate after 23/08/2022.
  • Trust score- the site has obtained a 60% score. 
  • Alexa rank- the detected rank is 2674088.
  • Copied content- no content seemed copied yet, but lots of helpful information is missing from the portal. 
  • Address originality- no information is published about the site’s address. 

What are the shoppers’ Crushmetric Reviews?

In the investigation, we found that no customer has shared their experience using the switch pen on the official webpage. At the same time, some people on the internet have discouraged the product since the pen is not refillable.

In hindsight, on the site’s Instagram posts, customers have inquired about the product availability and shipping. 

Thus, people should carefully evaluate the reviews before taking any action. If you have initiated the payment and now want a refund via PayPal, then read here.

The Final Verdict

The analysis found that the site’s offering has gained mixed attention from the people. We recommend that shoppers verify all the information from their end before placing the order. Therefore, we leave the final decision on the readers. 

Kindly go through all the pointers specified under these Crushmetric Reviews to pass up the risk of scams. Do you need your payment back via credit card? Then read here.

What is your reaction about the website and its switch pen? Kindly tell us below.

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