Crk Codes 2022 {Jan} Know Active, Expired List Details

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Do you want to claim Crk Codes 2022? Find the active code of January and unlock all the rewards for you in the game.

Are you looking for cookie run kingdom codes? If yes, so read out this post and know the100% working codes along with a short guide to claiming the codes. With these codes, you can unlock the features that may support your in-house game and give you all that you need. 

Remember, these codes can expire soon as lots of players from the Philippines, Canada, United States, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom have already tried the codes. So, look at Crk Codes 2022 and unlock your favourite one

What does CRK mean?

CRK stands for cookie run kingdom, a most popular game among players worldwide. It is an action-adventure game from Devisisters. Basically, it is a fight in an RPG battle simulator. This game player is supposed to be a cookie, and each has a unique character. The skill of cookies will improve and allow the player to be on a higher level. The whole game is interesting, and players can find several ways to build structures, create more resources, and more. The more you play the game, the more you will find it amazing. 

Crk Codes 2022 [Active]

Here, we will discuss the CRK codes that are currently active for January Month 2022. The code is as under:

CRK1STBIRTHDAY7You can redeem the code for 500 cubes. It was added on 13th January and will expire on 14th February

Besides, we are sharing some expired codes with you, so you won’t waste time with them.  


Despite that, you will find a number of codes that are inactive on various portals. We hope you find Crk Codes 2022 for January. So, unlock the game today!

How to redeem CRK codes?

Once you know the code, you want to know the ways to unlock the code. Here’s how you can do this.

Step 1- Launch the CRK game on your device. 

Step 2- Tap on the menu button in the top right corner and tap on the coupons section. 

Step 3- You will be redirected to the devplay site, where you can redeem the CRK codes. 

Step 4- Enter the display code account and link your email address. 

Step 5- Apply the coupon code.

Step 6- Click on the claim reward to redeem the code. 

Step 7- Go to the cookie run kingdom game.

Step 8- Check the mailbox and claim Crk Codes 2022 rewards. For detailed instructions, click here.

The Bottom Line

Finally, you know the CRK codes that not only help you gain benefits in the game but also encourage you to play more. However, the code can be redeemable for a limited time, so get your code now and apply it in the game to claim the rewards. 

Many users have already claimed its offer. Now, it is your turn. Suppose you have any issue while claiming codes or with code, you should check with CRK official website. We hope this post has added knowledge to you. Get Crk Codes 2022 now

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