Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Scam Website?

This article holds genuine Reviews about the webpage that sells paper cutting machines.

Are you also eager to learn about the legitimacy of the store? Yes, then you are most welcome in this blog post.

If you have a passion related to crafts, then there are many gadgets and tools available in the market to help you ease your work. However, in this post, we will introduce you to the online store that sells equipment that helps you create stunning projects. The website delivers throughout the United States and the United Kingdom

Let’s read about the store in these Reviews.

What is is an online retail store that offers paper cutting machines. The website is loaded with various machines that come with different features to help you create dazzling projects, and if you are a craft person, then this machine is a God-sent for you. Moreover, it helps you cut over 100 materials for creating different items such as t-shirt, cards, home decor, custom items, etc. 

Presently, the website has 60% off under “Cyber sale Monday” where customers can find the perfect machine. Additionally, people can save some money on shipping as well.

 Despite that, experts have obtained some suspicious points about this website that we have disclosed below under the Is Legit section of the website.

What is the T&C available on

  • Website URL-
  • Domain registration date-29/10/2021
  • Social media links- not disclosed 
  • Delivery fee- free shipping 
  • Shipping time- 6-8 days arriving time 
  • Order return policy-5 business days 
  • Order refund policy-7-14 business days 
  • Payment option- Visa, paypal, and Mastercard 
  • Email address–
  • Location– 2161 Green St, Cambria, CA 93428, US 
  • Telephone number- not provided 
  • Products- paper cutting machine

If you are satisfied with the site’s offerings and looking forward to placing your order for the paper cutting machine, it is highly recommended to consider reading this Reviews post till the conclusion. 

What are the positive highlights of buying from this webpage?

  • The site is having a Monday sale where shoppers can get 60% off.
  • Positive reviews are available on the website. 
  • No shipping cost is applicable.
  • There are many machines available on the website.

What are the negative highlights of buying from this webpage?

  • The mixed reviews are available on the internet. 
  • It lacks to provide complete contact details.
  • No social media existence found on the website. 
  • It is recently created. 

Is Legit?

In the investigation, we have gathered some information about the website to help readers understand the website’s objectives better. If you have made your mind to order from this e-store, then wait for some time and read the checkpoints mentioned below. 

  • Domain launched to date- The website’s domain was introduced a month ago that is on 29/10/2021. 
  • Domain name termination date- the website’s domain has less validity as it will terminate on 29/10/2022.
  • Shopper’s remarks- no doubt the website contains positive ratings and decent shopper’s Reviews on it. 
  • Alexa rank- According to the global engagement, the site’s Alexa rank is 2295335.
  • Content quality- The entire content of the website is copied.  
  • Trust rank- The achieved trust rank is 14.1/100.
  • Address originality- It is disappointing that the website holds a fake address. 
  • Trust score- the gained trust score is shallow as it is 1%.
  • Unrealistic offers- The website offers a Monday discount, and shoppers can take advantage of free shipping. 
  • Social media connections- there are no social media links obtained from the authorized portal.

What are the customers’ Reviews?

We have evaluated both parameters before writing the conclusion. Moreover, the website indeed holds positive reviews. But at the same time, we can’t deny that negative feedback is published on reliable external links such as Reddit . Moreover, people are saying that this is not a real circuit website and it is a scam store. Also, there are 2.9-star ratings on Trustpilot, wherein the users are quoting it as a scam.

If you don’t know how to report PayPal scams, then check here.

The Bottom Line 

According to our research and analysis, we concluded that this website is not trustworthy as it has achieved low ratings and Reviews from the customer. People are also claiming that the website is not real. Thus, we request you to avoid shopping from any scam store until and unless you have received some strong evidence to prove its trustworthiness.

Besides that, you should apply for a refund if the payment is made via a credit card. Read here for more details.

What are your feedbacks about this online site? Kindly post your remarks under these reviews.

15 thoughts on “ Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Scam Website?”

    • Hello Sara, when did you place an order? Did you get any confirmation mail? As a few people expressed negative reviews, it seems doubtful. So check if you get it, else try for a refund. Keep updating. Take care. Thanks.

  1. Avoid this site at all costs. I purchased a Cricut on Dec. 3rd. The next day I got a tracking number. A disclaimer advised that due to Covid the shipment might be delayed. For 2 1/2 weeks there was no activity on the tracking number. Finally there was movement. The shipment went to NY from Shenzhen China not Cambria California. It took a path from NY through Atlanta where it was finally delivered by the USPS in Columbia SC on December 27th. I live in Northern Virginia. I went to the USPS and had them research the tracking number. They advised the item was delivered to the proper address from a shipper other than Cricutsmart. I sent an email to the customer service email address requesting information on my order. The email came back as undeliverable. I found another email address and resent the email. Again, it came back as undeliverable. My next step is to contact the bank and dispute the charge.

    • Hello Ron, feel bad as buyers need to keep track to get the product investing their own money. We can understand how hard effort you have put in. Don’t wait just go for a refund process. Check with them, they will help you in a better way. Take care.

  2. It’s definitely a scam. I ordered mine early December. I received an invoice, they took the money, then nothing. 2 weeks later I sent an email asking if something was wrong but it came back as undeliverable. I tried a different address and I haven’t heard anything. I should have known better, it was to good to be true.

  3. Will I still be receiving my order? I ordered 30th November 2021. I think I have been patient enough not to think that this can be a scam. I hope not as I wish I can have the items. But if this is a scam, I’m going to say that no business will thrive longer if you go on scamming people. We have to work hard in order to earn the money that we spend. I will wait for few more weeks to understand that there might be some delays, somewhere…along the way. The email you have is not working

  4. SCAM….SCAM!!!!!! BEWARE!!!! DO NOT ORDER!!!!! I ordered a Christmas present on Dec. 1st. Messaged 3 times with no reply. Got my money back from my credit card company and got a new card!

  5. I, too, fell for this and I am so upset with myself. The only thing I got after I placed my order was a thing from PayPal stating that the $99.00 I authorized was changed to $114.00. I tried sending an email, with zero results. This was literally the last of my money and I was pinning all of my hopes on being able to make some money from home. How humans can treat each other this way is sad. I know payback is a bitch and I believe the people behind this will get caught. If not, they will stand before God one day. My order was placed March 6th, 2022. How could I be so stupid?


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