Credit National Assist Scam (March) What You Should Know?

The guide shares details about the new Credit National Assist Scam targeting many people in America.

Since the unemployment level is increasing across the United States, scammers find new ways to do scams with the residents. Fraudulent are getting smarter and using innovative ways to do scams.

Recently, many residents in America have reported about a new online scam. Many scammers are targeting people in the name of financial aid and assistance. People are receiving fake and scam calls from scammers that claim to provide them financial aid. But the reality is just the reverse: they steal their details to do scams.

Let us know closely about the new Credit National Assist Scam.

What is Credit National Assist?

Credit National Assist or Credit National Assistance is a financial institution in the United States managed by professionals having rich expertise in debt negotiation. The company is focused on serving the senior residents and helping them manage their debts. 

The company has a healthy relationship with major credit card companies, debt collection law firms, and collection agencies. Besides, the team working for the company also has rich expertise in negotiating with the financial companies to make you free from debts. 

The company focuses on offering unsecured debt relief programs and plans with a suitable loan modification that consumer credit counseling and consolidation companies can’t offer. 

What is the Credit National Assist Scam?

People in America have reported a new scam related to Credit National Assist. It is a scam where people receive calls and voicemails from unknown numbers. The callers pretend to be from Credit National Assist Company and call them to provide fake financial aid and assistance to dissolve their credit card and other debts. 

People have reported that they have been getting consistent calls from an unknown number, such as 888-206-4766, 888-675-1360, and more. Scammers are using different names to do the Credit National Assist Scam. They call and ask people to share their details for financial aid. 

When they call the given number, they are asked to share their confidential and personal details. In return, they don’t get financial aid or acknowledgement. So, you must not fall prey to such scams.         

How Are People Reacting to the Scam?

After evaluating, we found that many people are being targeted by scammers, especially the elderly population who has less knowledge about such scams. 

Many people have reported about the Credit National Assist Scam and said that they had received 4-5 calls daily pretending to be from Credit National Assist. The caller claims to offer financial aid, but they need their details to process the aid. 

Some people even got voicemails from different callers pretending to be from Credit National Assist Company. They urge to call them back to get the pre-approved financial aid. 

But, these are scams, and they must be reported immediately at Federal Trade Commission


Scammers are victimizing people in America with Credit National Assist Scam. But it is suggested not to share any details with any unknown caller without verifying their details. Besides, you must also learn helpful tips on How to Protect Yourself from a Scam.

Did you receive called from Credit National Assist Scammers? Please, share how you reported the scam in the comment section. 

36 thoughts on “Credit National Assist Scam (March) What You Should Know?”

  1. I get 3 to5 calls daily. They use false phone number on called ID and leave false numbers for call back. All numbers left are 888 numbers and using a prepaid throw away phone I found out how they operate. I guess I just don’t get it. Am on a DO NOT CALL Registry which must be a scam itself because it does not work.
    I purchased another phone and got a new number 2 weeks ago. Only contacts notified of new number were trusted and now am having a lot of fun with the scammers on the old phone. One of the scammers even got careless and gave me their personal phone number before I would agree to any terms, so now I use that number as a call back number for the scammers….. LOL a scammer called a Scammer…..

  2. Ive had someone named Rebecca calling Me saying she was from Credit national with a great offer that I got approved for. For some reason I decided to check the website before calling back and I’m glad I did. Because I might’ve been a victim if I didn’t. The number they gave me 8887750022. Wow crazy that was close. Thanks for the warning

  3. Ive had someone named Rebecca calling Me saying she was from Credit national with a great offer that I got approved for. For some reason I decided to check the website before calling back and I’m glad I did. Because I might’ve been a victim if I didn’t. The number they gave me 8887750022. Wow crazy that was close. Thanks for the warning

  4. I’ve gotten several calls from different women stating they are from National Credit Assist! They state that I had put in an application & they gave a great rate for me to pay my debts! I have not fallen for this scam ! I am constantly blocking the phone number!

    • These people are ridiculous. I recieve 18 calls every day now for over a month. They hang up call right back. Very rude. I told the guy Tony, Tommy, Robert with his middle east broken English No and No just like I told you. I’ve been on the National Do Not Call list for 10 year’s. I called a month ago to register again. I’ve called the FBI, FTC. Now I’m going to consult a lawyer and sue the company, their boss and them personally. And I’ve blocked 100s of numbers and reported. This company needs to be shut down and all employees be arrested.

  5. I have had several calls in the last few weeks from them and decided today to return their cash to tell them to stop calling me. I was immediately hung up on…so I called them back over 50 times just to waste their time! I got them to answer maybe for times and told them they were a scam and in turn, they were rude and indignant. I told one lady that I had all the time in the world to call them all day and waste their time. Her response was, “have at it lady!” Haha. So I continued to call and waste their time. I actually enjoyed bugging them!

  6. I got 2 voicemail messages yesterday. One from Cindy and another from Rebecca saying they were with Credit National Assist. Before I called back I googled the company and came across this. It’s disgraceful how some people take advantage of others. Luckily my phone has a spam call blocker on it and it’s rare I answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize especially if they aren’t local to me.

    • Hi Taryn, we admire that you acted swift and cross-verified. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! In many cases, these spam calls such as telemarketers, robocalls and other nuisance calls can be put to an end with the Spam Call Blocker. And we are glad that you are safe. Stay connected.

  7. I get several calls a day from different numbers….All same woman but uses different name. Leaves a voicemail saying Credit National Assist. I never answered. Knew I never applied for anything…..but did report

  8. I’ve been getting calls from them every day for that relief I happen to call back thinking it’s legit however after they some my dad and they gave me a good monthly payment fee to close out all my debts then they asked for my bank information which I refused to give in because I refused a hangup on me but what is me is that they have my Social Security number and I have my favorite port and I’m wondering if that will impact me in anyway please help

  9. Sorry correction for the above comments Siri does not type in the correct wording

    What I meant to say they have my SS number and they have my credit report (and I have my favorite port) typo.
    My worry is if they have those information and can it harm me ?who can i call to report them and what can I do ?thank you

  10. This is the voicemail I received::

    Hey it’s Selena with credit national assist and I wanted to try just one last time regarding an online request for getting some financial help as I want people to get you an approval that I think you like so just go ahead and call me back and I’ll give you the details again my number is 844-777-7074 thanks

    I never give out my financial information over the phone because a legit place will not ask for it and when I refuse to they hang up on me or say bs stuff to convince me. Also Iwhen I asked for paperwork to evaluate it and then decide if I want to do it or not they refused so definitely are scammers wanting the financial information to steal so please continue these kinds of information to the population to be aware because most of them following to pray on people who have no knowledge. thank God I never have and I never will but I do look into it and research on it to see how far it goes. I end up up fooling them once they think they got me but i catch them. They always hang up. I get mails and calls every day by scammers and it’s shocking to me how many people actually give out their information and get identity theft and stolen money it’s very shocking to me this kind of things should be more out there for people to be aware especially nowadays. Again thank you for this platform I’ve never commented on anything is my first time and I’m glad I did just want people to be aware never give out anything over the phone ever. And they can always get your credit report this is how they call you inside they have your information so I’m not really worried about that they can’t do anything with it but you never know so what I like to do is report them to the government but I need the correct numbers if can be provided to me that be great and I also report to BBB which is the best place to report on any business and they do a good job on follow ups I have reported many businesses to the BBP and always gotten positive results one particular when I was 25 years old a young girl the dealership that they can sell me a lemon which they did but once I drove home and the car was dead I report it to BBB and the following week they called me to bring the car back and they totally changed the engine made it brand new and they were shocked that a young girl can do that but I’m too clever ! Maybe I can you be fooled but i am aware of it after being fooled first time but once a lesson is learned. Then cannot be full again
    I follow through there conniving and deceiving Ways so they think they got me but i get them back hard way. plus its always beneficial for me at the end because i end up getting free services so actually it works in my favor every single time.
    My take away is Always report suspicious activity to BBB , review on Yelp or ant platforms and . call any other gov numbers if available and notify all your peoples
    I guarantee it will be to your benefit and you end up winner by the scammers .

  11. I get 2 or 3 calls from these scammers each week. They leave a voice-mail which I promptly delete. I’m sick of these calls. I will not fall for this garbage. The latest number they called from is 681-302-1151, and the call back number they left was 888-887-5157.

  12. I’ve had credit national assist hound me the past two months,,I did not fall for it but I will admit I fell for a loan scam during same period! I can’t remember what affeliate they portrayed to be but they offered 2000,,5000,,10,000 dollar loans!! I was in a tight spot so my awareness took a nap and my blinded by the green dream took over!! They made my bank account look like it they had deposited 1000 into my account,,when I finally realized that this thick India accented fellow could no way in hell have a name of Roger Brentwood,,,that’s when I finally woke up,,but by that time he had reversed 10 payments to credit cards and utilities and that’s how my account showed I had a Gran!! Found that out next day when visa and Mastercard came calling,,,I hope I never run into Mr wannabee American on the street because I had to close my bank accounts hagle my fanny off to offset bill collectors and now have to have all kinds of security measures in place just to transfer some petty cash now and then!! Grrrrrrrrrr

    • Hi Cesar, this is a terrible situation, the way they have scammed you. It is our humble suggestion that you should research adequately because the loss is always of an individual and scammers enjoy. Stay safe!

  13. Phone calls start out with phrase of following up on request for credit assistance from Credit national assist. I have not tried to contact anyone for credit assistance as I do not need any help. Almost 7 years ago I did go through bankruptcy but no problems now. Another tactic they use is that a person put answers on a survey for credit assist. I never have done that. At least they do leave a voice message so I know not to call back.

  14. Not about to give these slugs any personal info – but I get calls from them 7-8 times a day. I’ve called back a few time asking them to remove me from their call list – but they continue calling – even more often, leaving a wild variety of different phone numbers and names. They are very RUDE and ARROGANT, and refuse to remove me from their call list. Scammers gonna scam.

  15. Hello! These calls are getting out of hand. I’ve been getting these calls for about 2 weeks now. Yesterday, there were 13 calls. Today, they started at 7:01a. I’ve called the number they leave in their messages and asked them to put me on the DNC list and they say they will, but the calls are still coming in. The newest thing is that when I try to call back the number that they leave on the VM, I get a message that the number is not in service. So, it is even a bogus callback number. I feel like I am being harrassed.

  16. I’ve been at 3-4 calls a week from these people. I just report to the Do Not Call Registry, block the new number and move on. Calling them back to request to be removed works as well as trying to do the same with car warranty calls. I’m not in unmanageable debt, and even if I were, I would go to my established banking institutions to figure a way out.

  17. I have been getting slammed with credit national assist calls for some odd reason. Been on national do not call list for years and years updated my info last yr. They call from a different number every time. I have a spam blocker but they get around that by calling hanging up and calling right back the spamware doesnt have a chance to reset or whatever and the call rings thru. Mostly local numbers Ilet them all roll to voicemail and its always some lady with something online. If you call back the number they called from it will be a non worker phone


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