Creative Business Ideas for Women to Start E-commerce in 2022

Creative Business Ideas for Women: We now live in a world where someone who lives far away from you can become one of your best customers.

Business owners are no longer limited to potential customers in their location. They can now attract well-paying customers from any part of the world. This prospect is one of the perks of having an e-commerce business. By opting for business loans for women, you can get your e-commerce business up and running in 2022.

Why should you start an e-commerce business?

Are you a woman looking to commence your e-commerce business in 2022? Here are some excellent reasons why you should not change your mind.

  • It is easy to get started

These days, starting an e-commerce business is a piece of cake. The tools to get your e-commerce business running have evolved in functionality. So, you don’t have to do much before your business goes online.

Another interesting point is, you don’t have to be technology-savvy because these tools make it easy for you to set up your online store. All you need do is focus on scaling your business with marketing and sales ideas while you leave the technological undertakings to the e-commerce platforms.

  • Less physical hardware

To start an e-commerce business, you don’t have to bother much about physical wares. You are good to go with an efficient laptop and a fast and stable internet connection. Since you will be in touch with the manufacturers of your product, you don’t need to know the machinery they use. So, you can drive sales from your home while you allow the manufacturing company to work for you.

  • More people prefer to buy online

According to a study by Oberlo, there are projections that in 2024, that e-commerce sales globally are expected to grow to $6.4 trillion. With these statistics and other similar ones online, e-commerce does not seem to be slowing down. 

  • Flexibility and Freedom

You can run your e-commerce business from any location in 2022. As earlier mentioned, all you need is a laptop and a good internet connection. This means that if you are traveling from one place to another, you can still operate your business.

Interestingly, if some of your processes are automated, you can drive sales even if you cannot access your e-commerce store for some hours.

  • It is affordable

There are no middlemen when you start your e-commerce, so you don’t have to worry about additional costs. To get your e-commerce started, you don’t need to break the bank before you have your online store.

Top 4 creative ideas to start your e-commerce being a woman

You have a dream of owning a conglomerate e-commerce business as a woman, but you don’t know where to start. Here are some creative ideas you can consider to start your e-commerce startup. If you are worried about funding, you can access business loans for women.

  • Organic/Natural Skincare products

Women will always be on the lookout for the nature of their skin, so this is an industry where you can make money and provide value. This does not understate that men will also get skincare products from you.

People prefer to get natural or organic skin care products because they know the adverse effect of chemicals on the skin. Trending skincare products are sunscreens, body scrub, facial oil, etc.

  • Weight loss products

It is great to be confident about your body, but sadly, not everyone can. This is why weight loss products will always be high on demand. You can consider opening an e-commerce store to sell weight-loss products for both men and women.

  • Print-on-demand

If you love to get creative or innovative, consider setting up a shop that deals with print on demand. You can open an online store to offer printing and branding services for individuals, small business owners, and corporate bodies. Many items can be printed on, ranging from t-shirts to mugs, pens, notepads, etc.

  • Baby Toiletries

According to a researcher at BigCommerce, around 20% of the sales of baby products occur more than other goods online. Kids are an integral part of the household, and parents invest a lot in getting the best for their newborns.

You can consider setting up a store that deals with the sales of baby products. Also, you can niche down by selling eco-friendly baby products because people are becoming more open-minded about  this. 

Aspects to consider before starting an e-commerce

Growing your e-commerce venture to become world-class is not an easy feat. There are some factors you need to check before you get started.

  • Selecting an industry

Before creating an e-commerce store, you need to be sure of the industry you want. When you make this decision, it is essential to do your due diligence by conducting proper research on how to go into something more specific in that industry.

  • Know your audience

You need to find out about those likely to use your services. It is vital to find out their buying preferences, demography, the kind of devices they use, their buying behavior, the type of marketing that attracts them, etc. Having answered questions that help you know your target audience, it would be easy to strategize appropriately.

  • Know your competitors

Even though you have brilliant e-commerce ideas, there is always someone to is doing something close to what you are doing. Therefore, know all you can about your competitors, especially their weak points, so that you can use that knowledge to your advantage.

  • Branding your products and services

These days, well-branded startups are likely to do better than your competitors. What unique benefit is your e-commerce business offering that others don’t? You need to create a compelling brand identity and story that will make people identify with your enterprise.

  • Marketing strategies

Now you have a fantastic e-commerce idea, but how do you put it in front of prospective buyers? You need to incorporate effective marketing strategies that will help you attract many customers. You can apply different marketing hacks to put your business at the forefront.

  • Customer relationship

If you have great offerings and you don’t know how to manage your customers, you could lose them in no time. You need to make customer relationship management a priority because word of mouth marketing is an advantage that you can leverage. Look out for some e-commerce platforms that have customer relationship management solutions. The idea management solutions we put in place has completely changed our capacity to tap into the team’s collective creativity and transform concepts into profitable ventures.

Financing your e-commerce at the beginning

Getting financing for e-commerce businesses has always been a hard nut to crack. For instance, traditional loans have more strict requirements bound to discourage you from seeking loans from them.

Here are some sources to finance your e-commerce when you get started:

  • Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping is also called personal funding. This is when you finance your business from your savings. Doing this does not affect your business ownership, nor does it come with interests that you should pay. So, you can have complete control of your business provided you have the funds.

  • Loans

If you are not in a hurry, you can apply for business loans for women. A number of them offer flexible repayment plans and low-interest rates. Also, you can opt for traditional bank loans, but you should have collateral in case the bank requests it.

  • Crowdfunding

Some platforms help business owners to raise funds. As an intending E-commerce startup owner, you can consider using some crowdfunding platforms to attract investors and individuals who can finance your business.

  • Grants

Grants are also called free money, but they don’t locate you; you have to work for them. You can check in with your location or state to see grants for businesses. When you find one, all you need to do is apply to meet the requirements. Before you opt for any grant, ensure your business plan is ready.


While you are looking forward to making the best out of 2022 by becoming an e-commerce business owner, you need to do proper research before you get started. 

Be sure of the industry you want to settle into, then consider the crucial factors to make your startup run smoothly. If you need financing like business loans for women, check the link in the introductory paragraph to learn more.

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