Crazy Skulls NFT {Oct} Check Full Token Information!

Want to be a part of this new Crazy Skulls NFT? If so, read this post and know the facts and current price of this token.

No one can deny the fact, NFT token has achieved massive success in the online market. Therefore, hundreds of token releases in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. NFT tokens are non-fungible tokens that know to store unique items, including

Character, audio, video, photos, and other types of digital files use blockchain technology. 

The new token Crazy Skulls NFT is gaining popularity, as it represents the collection of digital artwork stored on the blockchain. Let us know this digital asset in-depth.

About CrazySkullz

CrazySkullz is a collection of digital NFT collections, which is based on skulls and ghosts. Around 10,000 CrazySkullz will be generated and will have 1.1k owners. The Non-fungible token is backed with ERC-721, a smart contract that runs Ethereum Network. 

A number of people are finding CrazySkullz a cool and unique platform to store and save the world from evil powers. It is a decent way to lock them forever.  

How were Crazy Skulls NFT created?

CrazySkullz is basically generated from the total number of more than 150 traits. These skulls are awesome and designed with versatility, so you find every skull is different from the other. Keep note that each skull has its own powers and values that give you a certain guarantee of decentralization. 

The current facts about this token:

  • Price- $63-$217 (30 days ago)
  • NFT’s sold- 17 (30 days)
  • Trading Volume- No data
  • Most expensive CrazySkullz price- $217, CrazySkullz #9999

Many users are not interested in buying these NFT tokens, as they have alternatives like The Metas, Dino Gangz NFT, and more than Crazy Skulls NFT.

How do you get CrazySkullz NFT?

On the release date, you can buy these tokens hassle-free. All you have to do is visit its official website, and check the countdown of release. Once it starts, keep checking the site, and you can buy a token for each token at 0.05ETH. You can even check OpenSea and Rarity to buy these tokens.

CrazySkullz Roadmap

Here is the complete plan of this crazy token (Phase 1):

  • 25% sold- Unlock one ETH giveaway for every 1000 skullz through the official website.
  • 50% sold- This offer is only available for our verified owners of Crazy Skulls NFT.
  • 70% sold- Need 20ETH in a wallet that is further used to sweep the price in OpenSea.
  • 85% sold- make five donations of one ETH 
  • 100% sold- Buy the piece of land to build the exclusive lounge of CrazySkullz.

For more information, check this CrazySkullz details

Skulls Names:

  • FITZ
  • GB ART

Final Words

If you want to invest in skulls to make profits, then join the venture as soon as possible and become eligible to join the Spooky Halloween and collect maximum rewards and royalties on every sale. 

Be calm and always focus on checking Crazy Skulls NFT rewards. The more you have rewards, the more opportunities you can unlock in this game.

So, do you invest in it? Drop your answers in the comment box. 

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