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The article Craig Sienema provides the details of budding entrepreneur and his outstanding work in the field of financial institutions.

Do you know of a new method of insurance amenities being available globally? Have you ever heard of the CEO of a cloud-based insurance company? Claim Ruler is a cloud-based financial company based in the United States that assists people all over the country with a variety of financial solutions. Here is the article which exclusively deals about the person Craig Sienema and his reputed works.

Mr Craig’s profile

Mr Sienema is a budding entrepreneur based in Florida, the United States. He is currently the chief executive officer of many small firms named Signal funding, Justice Funds, IT Strategies Group, and Case Strategies. He is also the co-founder and CEO of a large film called “Claimed Ruler.” 

He has many years of experience in insurance and financial methods. Before becoming the CEO, he had worked in many financial companies like Hurricane Wilma, so he knew the exact needs of the financial industry and insurance claims, which helped him become a successful entrepreneur.

Why is Craig so popular?

Because of Craig Sienemas new invention, named “oil claim calculator,” his IT strategy group invented this new form of insurance. And it has helped a lot of people during the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster. His team’s invention helped people to claim nearly 2 billion dollars in insurance. 

Craig’s invention of the oil claim calculator has been aired on ABC News and CBS News in the show called “London Times, 60 Minutes”. And the shows were aired internationally. So he has gained a lot of popularity around the world because of his work towards the disaster insurances.

Craig Sienema profile in detail

Work: The most appreciable work of Craig is that he helped many victims of the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill disaster, and because of his work, many people can now claim their insurance for that disaster. He has designed software and funding programs for people, so that they can easily claim their money.

Education: He did his graduation from the University of British Columbia.

Skills: He has learned many skills like entrepreneurship, process improvement, operations management, strategic planning, crowd funding, customer service, program management, project management, management crowd sourcing.

The budding CEO of this century

Craig Sienema also got a new name, “serial entrepreneur,” because he has been doing many jobs. Among those, Claim ruler got popular among the people. It is a multimillion-dollar firm that deals in insurance, accounting, and legal markets. 

Craig has designed a special feature in claim ruler that is; people can claim insurance for both manmade and natural disasters such as cyclones, oil spills in the sea or ocean, etc.

He mainly focuses on sustainable growth with proven results using SaaS solutions. He always updates his way of methods according to the latest technologies.


Thus, in the article, Craig Sienema has provided the snippets about this US entrepreneur. His projects are always customer-oriented rather than profit-oriented, so he is also a man of integrity, honesty, and accountability. 

With 25 years of experience in his field, he has done a lot for the nation. Some people grow by helping others, and Mr. Craig is the perfect example. For more information on Craig

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