Cra Interac Scam {Sep 2022} Check Entire Details Here!

In this article, we will talk about the Cra Interac Scam. We share all the information regarding the scam and the verification of authority.

Are you a citizen of Canada? Are you getting a scam call or messages from CRA? Before considering those calls or messages read further. These scams messages are sent via scammers who can steal your personal information and clean your bank balance.

Canadians are scared of getting the revenue agency message these days. Instead of being Legit, the message appears to be a scam. So people who do not know about the Cra Interac Scam can get the complete information here.

About Scam of Cra Interac

A team of fraud is sending an email message or giving a call to people from Canada sharing a message. It is an Electronic transfer of your monthly revenue collected by the government so that you can pay it via the link below.

However, watching these cases, the main form of the CRA released a notice informing public that they do not request any e-transfer for collecting revenue. Instead, people will directly receive the credit to the account from the authentic source of CRA. 

Cra Interac Scam: Notifications 

A message pops up with an Interac e-transfer reminder which contains the email ID along with the link in which you have to deposit the money. We will also find a message sharing that XXX amount is received via CRA. You can deposit the amount in the bank via the link below.

The CRA verifies that this message is a scam and instruct the readers to threaten the scammers by giving a Police case warning or getting aggressive. Further, please get in touch with the nearby police station and file a lawsuit against these messages or calls. CRA does not promote any threatening alerts.

Cra Interac Scam: Recent Case

Recently a student filed a case in the police station regarding the CRA e-transfer scam message. He gave a statement that he received a message from CRA sharing that he owe $550.44 to CRA. Also, he can transfer the money via the e-transfer link provided in the message. 

The student found this suspicious and filed the case in the Waterloo region police station. After reporting a case, police discover multiple scam calls or messages are spreading publicly via CRA. So police informed the revenue authority about the Cra Interac Scam, and the CRA took a stand to notice that these messages were a scam. We do not promote such E payments with personal information. Additionally, you can verify the CRA account before making any payment.


New theft fraud is running in Canada, where people are getting scammed in the name of a CRA agency. Citizens are getting a suspicious message of payment from CRA. However, CRA denies that alert and proves it a scam.

Have you received any Cra Interac Scam messages? Write in the comment section. Together more information on this situation, visit 

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