Scam (Jan 2022) Beware Of Mimic Websites!

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When we say that the Coronavirus is incredibly harmful to the welfare of a person or a country, we’re only stating the obvious. The virus hasn’t left any corner of this planet untouched and has severely affected many countries, some more than others. It has caused immense damage to countries’ economies and resources, along with the massive loss of lives lost due to this virus. Scam has become trendy regarding a website launched by the government. This query has been gaining traction in the United States, where this website offers its services. Keep reading this article for more information.

What is

The US government plans to keep the spread of the Coronavirus under control to avoid the possibility of the emergency of another nationwide wave, which will prove to be immensely damaging. To keep the virus in control, it’s crucial to have efficient testing around the country and isolate and cure the affected to avoid spreading. Scam has become trendy in the same regard as users are searching to know about the possibility of this website being a scam. It’s a website launched by the US government to distribute free COVID testing kits in the United States.

Details about 

  • It’s a website that the White House has launched to distribute free testing kits around the country.
  • Users can order four RAT kits per household and test themselves and their families.
  • Users can head over to this website to place their orders.
  • Please note that only one order is allowed per address.

Briefing About The Scam

Let’s look at the related details mentioned below to know more about this scam and other relevant details.

  • As we mentioned earlier, the government has launched this website to order free COVID testing kits.
  • However, scammers saw this launch as an opportunity and created lookalike websites of their own to trick users.
  • These lookalike websites often ask users for sensitive details like social security numbers, banking details, etc.
  • Users end up offering their sensitive information to these websites, which is then severely misused.
  • To avoid falling prey to these Scam websites, please ensure that you’re on the website with the correct and the official URL.
  • Please note that the official government website only asks for your name, address, and other details. It doesn’t ask you to make any payments either.
  • Read more about this website here.

The Final Verdict  

The US Government has launched a website to distribute free COVID testing kits to its citizens all across the nation. Users can place the order on their official website. However, scammers have created some lookalike websites and are fooling users. We have mentioned all the related details above. 

Have you encountered any Scam websites? Kindly let us know how helpful you found our information on this website in the comments. Also, stay alert of online scams.

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