[Full Watch Video Link] Courtney Winston Video: Check If Car Incident Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter Is Real Or Fake

This research on Courtney Winston Video will aid the readers to know the authenticity of the viral accident video of Courtney Winston.

Have you seen the accident video of Courtney Winston? The video shows the accident of a group of students by a lady, Courtney Winston. Courtney Winston Video in the United States is trending everywhere as the video shows a car hitting a group of college students. But, we must know if the video is authentic or fake. In this post, we will share the details about Courtney Winston. Kindly read it here. 

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Video of Courtney Winston

According to online sources, there is a video trending on social media like Tiktok in which a lady driving a car can be seen hitting a student standing with the group. However, the video is fake and a user edited the video and posted it. This video was studied properly and after that, it was found that the video is an animated clip and no such incident happened. Moreover, this video was uploaded many years ago and it was believed that this accident happened in Florida.

Courtney Winston Car Crash

The Internet is full of interesting videos and news updates. We visit online sites to get news on informative topics. This time Courtney’s car accident video has been trending in which one can see a car driven by a lady had collided with a student. It was believed that the students were crossing the road and the car collided with them. Thie video went Viral On Reddit and later it was found that the video was not real. 

As per online sources, a user @RDXLeaks posted this video for the first time. He claimed that this accident is based on a real accident that happened years ago in Florida where a 34-year-old lady had hit the students who were crossing the road with her car. One can hear the screaming sound of a lady in the Twitter viral video. She screamed out of fear while colliding with the student. However, she survived the accident. But, the video was artificial and it was not true. 

DISCLAIMER: We do not intend to support any fake videos on our site. It was necessary to clarify if the video shared on social media is true or not. Many people were believing this video, but we do not want our audience to believe in fake news. 

What is the reality of Youtube Accident Videos?

Many readers and social media users were perplexed after they saw the accident video of Courtney Winston. As per online sources, Courtney Winston was driving the car and she collided with a group of students who were crossing the road. But, it was later found that the video was artificial and fake. Someone edited the video and a screaming sound was added from some prank videos on this Telegram viral video. 

Unless we are sure about the authenticity of any update, we should not post such things as it may spread rumors among the public. 

When was the video first posted? 

As per online sources, this video was released recently but it claimed to show the real-life accident of December 15, 2016. It was claimed that this accident happened in Florida. The video was first shared by the user RDXLeaks on the Tiktok platform. Courtney Winston Car Incident was not true and we should not spread any rumors until the news has been confirmed. So, we request readers not to believe such fake news.


Summing up this post, we have shared all the crucial details on the accident video of Courtney Winston. We would like to say that the readers must not trust these details until the authenticity of the videos is proven. To know more on misleading information, click here to read.

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Cineplex Winston Churchill: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the viral video trending on the internet?

Ans. As per online sources, a video in which a car hits a group of students has been trending on the internet.

Q2. Who is believed to be driving the car?

Ans. As per online sources, a 34-year-old lady, Courtney Winston was believed to be driving the car.

Q3. Who uploaded the video for the first time?

Ans. A TikTok user, @RDXLeaks shared this video.

Q4. Is the video trending on Instagram fake?

Ans. Yes, many sites revealed that this video is an animated clip and fake.

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