CounSol vs. NextGen: Which One To Choose For Your Practice?

CounSol vs. NextGen: Hospitals serve as a unified location for diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. Each hospital contains a number of departments that serve in-patients as well as out-patients. The administration of out-patients within a clinic is referred to as ambulatory care. Registration, appointment scheduling, diagnosis, consultations, therapy, follow-up, and lab procedures are all part of the workflow in a medical facility. With the demand for ambulatory care increasing on a daily basis, a software solution that provides a comprehensive solution for managing routine chores is necessary. Practice management and electronic medical record management are both possible with NextGen EMR software and CounSol EMR software. This article compares and contrasts their features for practice management. 

CounSol EMR Software Features

CounSol software is developed by CounSol Inc. and is a complete practice management solution for your medical facility. Be it a clinic, a department, or a complete hospital, this software provides a complete and comprehensive software tailored for your needs. This software provides practice management, client scheduling, appointment reminders, online sessions, secure records, and secure messaging.

Customizable EMR Software

This software allows for customization and can be tailored to the needs of the user. Customization allows users to tailor the interface to their specific requirements. This is also suitable for tailoring specific workflows of your medical facility. 

Efficient Practice Management

Practice management software from CounSol is a one-stop-shop. Everything can be done with only a few clicks, from scheduling to reminders to appointment management. The software offers an online cloud-based solution for scheduling appointments and rescheduling them if circumstances change. 

Journaling for Clients 

Previous appointments and treatment histories are kept in a client or patient journal. This enables a doctor to look up information from past visits and sessions. To protect anonymity, client diaries are stored in the cloud and are encrypted. 


Security is a key aspect of CounSol EHR software and provides secure client profiles as well as secure messaging between clients and doctors. The messages are encrypted end-to-end. Also, the records in the client and clinic database are secured to increase the security of the system. 

Online Sessions

For patient-doctor appointments, CounSol EMR Software also allows online sessions and combines video calls. This is a great feature for remote access with little to no physical involvement.

Counsol Software Reviews

CounSol EMR is a strong and effective practice management software with a simple interface and a comprehensive solution for scheduling, rescheduling, and journaling. CounSol’s key characteristic is security. To preserve privacy, all profiles and messages are encrypted. It also provides telehealth and telemedicine features to facilitate remote interactions. It is customizable and it can be tailored for your needs. 

NextGen EMR Software Features

NXGN Management’s NextGen software is award-winning patient care and practice management solution. It’s a comprehensive solution that includes EMR management, business analytics, reporting, and integrated telehealth. The following are some of the characteristics of NextGen software: 

High-Quality Reports

For you, NextGen software offers high-quality and consistent reporting. It’s simple to use and has no negative impact on system performance. It’s simple to meet regulatory standards, create insights, and make informed decisions. The reports feature graphs and charts that are automatically generated and visually appealing. 


The software is scalable and capable of handling high loads. It is a useful feature that ensures efficiency and service in emergency situations with a large number of patients. The system handles scalability automatically, and you get dependable software that doesn’t crash under stress. Because of its increased scalability, this software is suitable for clinics, departments, and major hospitals. 

Streamlined Workflow 

NextGen EMR software is created and developed for hospitals and clinics as a specialist practice management solution. This software manages all workflows, including patient registration, appointment scheduling, treatment and diagnosis records, lab procedures, visit history, and invoicing. The software is integrated with medical insurance and credit card services, making it easier for patients to pay for their care. Complete billing is handled online and a reliable system is provided so that your money isn’t lost in digital transactions.

Patient Engagement

Patient involvement is a feature that all practice management software should have. It begins with creating a communication channel for all medical departments between medical practitioners and patients. Messages, audio, and video calls are among the communication channels available to your hospital, enabling telehealth features. The messages are secure and end-to-end encrypted, ensuring patient privacy and retaining patient trust in your facility.

Interoperability and Sharing

Interoperability support allows you to share your EMR with others for improved treatment and facility management. Third-party software support is enabled by NextGen EMR software, allowing your product to be coupled with that of your partners. You may easily communicate information and data using a cloud-based solution while retaining trust. 

Mobile Phone Support

Out-patients can use their mobile phones to connect with medical personnel and doctors, as well as to register, book appointments, receive treatment and results of lab procedures, and pay healthcare bills. The mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to reach a wider audience. The apps are safe and secure, and they don’t destroy your clients’ phones or invade their privacy. 

Technical Services

NextGen EMR provides professional technical assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you have to do is a phone or send a message, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 

CounSol EMR vs. NextGen EMR

Both software products provide complete and comprehensive solutions for practice management. They are both cloud-based and provide user-friendly interfaces. However, the key feature is CounSol EMR’s security measures. It provides secure messaging and keeps the user and patient’s profiles secure through Access Control Lists. All the data including EMR is encrypted, and communication is provided through secure channels that ensure end-to-end encryption. The data is kept in the cloud and is readily available for use from any device, any time, anywhere. CounSol software is scalable and can be used for small medical facilities to large hospitals.

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