Costybgarden Reviews (Aug 2021) Is The Website Legit?

The content, which includes unbiased ‘Costybgarden Reviews,’ feature details, product details, will help you to detect how legit the site is and its services.

Are you searching for some quirky home decor? Are you wondering where to obtain stunning kinetic sculpture? Then, you landed at the right destination.

Today’s blog is entirely committed to delivering our supportive audience a newly-launched website that demands to provide stunning home decor and outdoor decor items at a cost-effective price in the United States.

Let’s check the products, site’s features, consumers’ Costybgarden Reviews, and on top of, its legitimacy-

Brief accounts of Costybgarden website:

Costybgarden is an online-based retail store that continues its operations in the United States. The site has been crafted to deliver first-rate products and services and mainly deals with garden decor, home decor, and mousetrapping gadgets.

The site has given a product’s quick view with the price on the’ Home’ page. Now, the site is selling products at incredible discounts. For example, you can obtain 299.99 USD garden decor at only around 68 USD. Not only that, the site is offering different giveaways like if you purchase a certain number of products, you will be eligible to receive an extra off with free shipping.

However, Is Costybgarden Legit? Please look through the rest parts and confirm its legitimacy.

What are the specifications?

Check below to know about its several policy details, charges, contact ID, etc.

  • URL Details:
  • Contact ID:
  • Contact Address: Not available
  • Contact Number: The number hasn’t been displayed.
  • Dealing Products: Mostly garden decor, home decor, and small rodent trapping gadgets.
  • Service Area: It is worldwide.
  • Service Charges: Anyone who purchases more than 49 USD is eligible for an accessible shipping facility.
  • Shipping Timing: It is 5 to 10 working days for shipping nationwide and 7 to 15 working days for shipping to other countries.
  • Social media links- Icons of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are present, but these are inactive. 
  • Feedback: No Costybgarden Reviews are available.
  • Return: Available for 30days.
  • Cancellation Terms: No terms are given.
  • Replacement: Applicable only for defective products.
  • Refund: Refund starts after getting the approval.
  • Means of Payment: Visa, Amex, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.


  • Stunning decoration products are available.
  • Service is provided globally.
  • Free shipping above a certain amount of purchasing.
  • Availability of different payment modes.


  • Shallow trust ratings.
  • Address, cancellation terms, the number are missing.
  • Absence of reviews and networking site links.

How much Costybgarden website is legit?

Checking legitimacy should be the primary checklist before falling into any alluring deals & offers. In that case, we have also checked the website, and the results are given below-

  • Costybgarden Reviews are totally absent.
  • The site’s age is less than 6 months, launched on 25th May 2021.
  • The site has possessed awful trust ratings (2%).
  • According to search engines rules, any legit site needs an adequate number of pages. But, it lacks (only has 5 pages). 
  • The address is missing.
  • The duplicate content percentage is 27.
  • The shared content percentage is 4.
  • backs this site.
  • The registered domain name is unknown.
  • No connection with networking sites. Social media icons are inactive.
  • Missing of several vital policy information.

Above all hasn’t satisfied the legitimacy criteria; hence, it can be judged as a shady web portal.

Unbiased Costybgarden Reviews:

Customers’ feedback is one of the essential checklists that you shouldn’t avoid. During checking the feedback of Costybgarden, we didn’t observe any comments regarding its services & products. The remarks aren’t available in the portal.

Searching external sites didn’t give any fruitful results. Moreover, this website hasn’t done one more necessary common-action– i.e., networking site’s campaign. Business needs promotions, and now digital promotion is converted into one of the standard practices of every small, extensive ranges retail site. However, it lacks. 

Hence, finding a legit portal would be better for purchasing garden décor items as the answer of ‘Is Costybgarden Legit‘ is still doubtful. Are you a victim of Credit card fraud? Read what action you can take.

Final Verdict:

The site seems shady for several reasons like no reviews, no digital campaign on networking sites, no contact number, no contact address, low trust ratings, duplicate content, few numbers of pages, and so on. Plus, the site claims to provide free delivery globally, which is next to impossible. Hence you are suggested to research more and ready details about the ways to Get your money back from the PayPal scam

Does ‘Costybgarden Reviews‘ give you adequate information? Mention below.

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  1. Ordered one of their wind products! We have had 30mph winds thing barely moved! Got it for Christmas and it’s all rusted out completely covered in rust! Don’t waste you money! It’s only March! Rusted out in a month!


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