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The post talks about Costplusdrugs com and elaborates on parameters to check its authenticity.

The Internet has made it easy to perform a lot of activities. It presents a platform wherein users can interact with others and make purchases with ease. While it was possible to buy apparel, appliances, and other services online, purchasing medicines online is now also possible.

There are plenty of websites that provide similar services; it is imperative to be completely sure if it is legit before availing of the services. This article will look into Costplusdrugs com trending in the United States and elaborate if it is authentic or fake.

What is Cost Plus Drugs Website?

To understand the website, we decided to perform in-depth research. Thus, as per research, the website belongs to Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company. It claims to be an online pharma company or online pharmacy that provides quality medications at affordable pricing.

Furthermore, the company aims to present to users a completely transparent platform with its costing of drugs, thereby helping patients avail of medicines at affordable rates. In the coming section, we will learn more about Costplusdrugs com. So, continue to read till the end.

More Information About The Cost Plus Drugs Website

  • Users can search for a particular medicine alphabetically or by adding the medical condition.
  • Besides, users can reach out to their doctor by contacting your doctor’s facility to receive advice on the prescriptions.
  • As per sources, Mark Cuban is one of the investors of the pharmacy, along with CEO Dr. Alexander Oshmyanky.
  • Furthermore, only a set number of medications are available in the pharmacy, wherein people can order them online across the United States.

Costplusdrugs com – Is It Legit Or Fake?

All the websites must meet the necessary to qualify the quality parameters to ensure the users are not duped or ditched. Please do read the parameters given below:

  • Trust Score: The website has an average trust score of 45%
  • Domain Age: The website was created on 01 July 2020
  • Domain Expiry: The website expires on 01 July 2022
  • Customer Reviews: There is no customer review available on the Trustpilot. Only few remarks are available on social media.
  • Contact Details: The website lacks relevant contact information other than an email ID where you can raise inquiries for press or investors.

Based on the above criterion and as per Costplusdrugs com, we recommend users research an individual basis before using the services of the website.

Final Conclusion

The website was created almost one and a half years before. Besides, it has an average trust score of 45%. Also, on further investigation, we found no customer reviews available anywhere on the internet. Only a few comments are available on social media. Thus, we recommend users research and explore individually.

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