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The article Cosmic Labs NFT is about one of the newly launched projects based on the NFT. To know more in detail about this project, read the article below.

Are you aware of the latest launched NFT? Whether it is an art or a game, NFT seems to be the future of collecting in the digital age. Do you know people Worldwide are willing to pay prices in order to be on the top of the trend list?

But have you heard of the Cosmic Labs duck gang? If not, then let us tell you that people across the United States are very excited about the launch of the Cosmic Labs NFT. So, today in our discussion, we will know more in detail about this project.

By the way, do you know what NFT is?

NFT or Non-Fungible tokens are modern digital virtual assets growing immensely with the growth of the metaverse. The digital assets can be a video, image, game items, any kind of art, manga, or anything you can imagine.

Of course, during the pandemic, there was a rise in NFT trading. However, in 2015 the first NFT project was launched as a part of the Ethereum blockchain network. NFT simply means cannot be replaced, but you can trade and sell in the crypto marketplace.

What is Cosmic Labs NFT?

Cosmic labs is an NFT building project developed by the project lead Edgar Castellanos and assistant Priscilla Corona. Moreover, the project is aided by Roni Qanawati, web developer; Camilo Baez, community moderator; and Meaghan Doherty, Artist/ designer.

The NFT collections will live in the metaverse and will be rarer as they release. Every day each NFT will produce $Cosmic Tokens, which you can earn by staking.

For example, there is 8000 supply of cosmic ducks, 4000 of drop #3, 1000 supplies of Cosmic Genesis, and more. There are mainly two Cosmic Labs NFT one is Cosmic Genesis, and the other is Cosmic Ducks. Let’s see further for more details:

Cosmic Genesis:

It has a collection of 1000 different animated ducks which live in the Omnia Galaxy. These ducks are limited and are redeemable in the Cosmic Ecosystem. Also, each will produce 20 $Cosmic Tokens per day.

Cosmic Ducks:

It has a collection of 8000 unique ducks which live in the Lux metaverse of the Cosmic ecosystem. Also, each will produce 5 $Cosmic Tokens per day.

What is the difference between Cosmic Genesis and Cosmic Ducks?

In Cosmic Labs NFT, Genesis is only 1000 in numbers but are large-sized and yield more rewards.

According to OpenSea, the data are:

  • Total items: 9000
  • Owners currently: 3.5K
  • Floor price: 0.208 E
  • Volume traded: 1.8K
  • More detail:
  • Market Cap: $1492439
  • 24hrs Sales Volume: 1,517.57 ETH


How much do each Genesis Duck and Cosmic Ducks cost?

Each Genesis Duck and Cosmic Duck will mint 0.05 ETH.

How many Ducks can you mint?

You can mint 4 Genesis Ducks per wallet, whereas 20 Cosmic Ducks are available per wallet.

How many $Cosmic Tokens can you earn from both?

Genesis Ducks and Cosmic Ducks will earn 280 Tokens and 70 Tokens, respectively.


Cosmic Labs NFT sold 6725 times in the last seven days with the volume of $7.79M, and the average price of one lab was $1.2k, according to NFT stats. So, we hope now you have enough information about this project.

Check their latest updates here 

What is your experience with staking Ducks? Tell us more in the comment section below.

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