Effective Control of Remote Employee Work

Remote work implies a significant share of independence for all employees. The employee carries out their activities outside the office, independently organizes the day, creates a work plan, sets up online meetings, and generates reports in electronic format. The company can monitor the actions of specialists outside the office. Modern control methods, such as WorkTime – employee monitoring software & service, make it possible to work effectively for the company’s benefit and develop a sense of responsibility among subordinates.

Limitations of Control

You can implement employee monitoring services to control the following:

  • Qualitative and quantitative parameters of the employee’s labor activity, including the amount of finished work.
  • Control of the deadlines for the work performance and its compliance with all the requirements of the contract;
  • Working hours, if it is stipulated in the contract. Note: the concluded contract may allow the company to determine the work mode and use time-tracking services if they are required to ensure contract compliance.
  • Control over the timing of the submission of reports on the work performed.
  • Use means to protect information the company provides or recommends, etc.
  • Constant communication with the employer.

You cannot control the following aspects of a remote employee:

  • moving a remote worker if he performs the assigned work;
  • the presence of the employee in a specific place, it is forbidden to visit the employee at home;
  • working hours and lunch breaks if the contract doesn’t allow it.

Ways to Check Remote Employees

The employer can choose one of two control strategies given the above restrictions. Integration of work from home monitoring significantly facilitates the management of the activities and results of employees. The object of control may be the time spent on work or the amount of the result.

Scope of Work

The easiest and most obvious way to control remote workers is to define appropriate quality and quantity indicators for each employee, such as KPI, or to establish a certain amount of work calculated for a different time. At the same time, the employee can perform their job anytime.

Time Control

Suppose it is impossible to assign specific indicators in cases where the labor function of an employee is to constantly be in touch and timely connect to the workflow at any time. In that case, special software helps to control the employees.

This time tracking software helps to check a remote employee’s actions to determine how long the employee works, what sites he visits, and what he does in a specific period.


Remote employees are more profitable. They do not need to rent square meters of the office, and the employees themselves do not have to spend a couple of hours a day on public transport. Such work may seem ideal from the point of view of an employee, but from the point of view of efficiency, everything is more complex. 

One way to ensure productive work is through special programs. They can track everyone’s activities, analyze the data they collect, and generate reports based on those factors. It will help control the workflow and keep employees organized and motivated.

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