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The following article gives you with an insight into Commercial Loan Truerate Services and associated issues in detail.

Are you searching for commercial loan services? Are you looking for easy commercial loans with less paperwork and quick delivery? If your answer is YES, then do give a read to the following article to get your answer.

Today, when you search for commercial loan services, you get Commercial Loan Truerate Services as one of your search results. People in the United States are eagerly searching for more information about the company and services offered by them. If you are also looking for the same, let us follow up in detail.

Current News About Truerate Services

The company is in the news because it has arranged 42 million dollars for the Refinancing of Reunion Resort that is based in Metro Orlando, USA. The owners secured the capital from an undisclosed finance company based in New York. The 42 million dollars financings included mezzanine loan of $8 million from Trawler Capital and a loan of $34 million from Hillcrest Finance. 

This loan is part of Commercial Loan Truerate Services under commercial real estate loan.

About Truerate Services

It was launched by Olive Tree as a tech-enabled debt marketplace to facilitate commercial real estate lending. Today many leading companies, including insurance companies, are part of Truerate services. The company provides a marketplace for lenders and debtors.

Team of Truerate Services 

  • DAN GORCZYCKI: Managing Director
  • COOPER RAMSEY: Vice President – Strategy & Production
  • PETER STOBIERSKI: Production Associate – Debt Capital Markets

The executive team of the Truerate services, in their 55 years of services, have facilitated more than $13 billion in the commercial lending industry.

Commercial Loan Truerate Services

In Property Segment

  • Industrial Loans: Considering the high level of fizz in industrial property, the company has information to negotiate to finance for development, refinancing as well as the acquisition of industrial property.
  • Hospitality Financing: With deep market knowledge, it negotiates well for arranging finance transparently and efficiently for hospitality services like renovation of old and existing hotels, the building of new hotels etc. 
  • Office Financing: It understands the need for office thus, arranges finance for even the most complex assets.

In Transaction Segment

  • Acquisition Financing: The company has deep inputs about the market. Thus, it can arrange to finance for acquisition of various properties.
  • CMBS Loans: The company executive, with their deep knowledge and networking, can arrange commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) loans.

Besides the Commercial Loan Truerate Services of the company, it offers other services also.

Other Services Offered

  • It offers capital market advice also.
  • The company, while arranging debt, also arranges equity.
  • The Investment Sales platform of the company uses a variety of inputs data to reach the current market value of the property.
  • It also offers partnership services by offering the public to lend via its platform. The company does all the research work before lending.

The Bottom Line

The company aims to transform commercial real estate loans and investing by providing detailed information and reducing complexities. The company’s goal is to improve the magnitude and quality of our transaction and better the prediction analysis. 

Before availing of the Commercial Loan Truerate Services of the company, you must do your proper research work also. For more details on Truerate Services, you can refer here. And, for any other thoughts or queries, please comment below.

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