How to Combat Inflammation Associated With an Injury

Injuries are not easy to recover from. It’s tempting to jump back into action instead of letting things heal properly. That will only make things worse.

You will experience inflammation after an injury. This simply means that the area around the injury will begin to swell. You will probably experience pain.

There are many ways to treat inflammation that don’t involve painkillers. Here are five. These methods are easy, cheap, and effective.

1: Rest

A good night’s sleep cures almost everything.

The same is true for injury. Your body has suffered a trauma.

Even a small injury calls for time to recover. You should take things easy for a few days. The more severe your injury, the longer you should rest.

It’s important to focus on the injured area.

If your ankle has been injured, avoid walking.

If you’ve sprained your wrist, take it easy on the lifting.

You might not need to rest your entire body. You might still be able to exercise so long as you rest the areas that have been hurt.

Take this time to treat yourself.

Head to the spa for a day or do something that you love.

Make sure you sleep long and well.

2: Cannabis

Many people are skeptical of cannabis.

That’s a shame. Cannabis is an effective method of pain treatment.

Many studies have proven the efficacy of marijuana for treating pain.

Here is an article from Veriheal on how cannabis can be used to treat inflammation. Using cannabis doesn’t always mean getting high.

There are many ways to use marijuana aside from smoking.

CBD oils are particularly effective in pain treatment.

CBD products contain little to no THC. This means it is impossible to get high using them. CBD still contains the medical benefits of the cannabis plant.

You should always buy cannabis products from a legal dispensary.

Buying from the streets is dangerous and illegal.

Dispensaries will be able to provide you with medically accurate treatment information. Many doctors specialize in medical marijuana treatment options.

There are no risks associated with taking cannabis.

It’s a perfectly safe form of treatment.

3: Physical Therapy

You need to rebuild your muscles.

Physical therapy is about healthy recovery.

Your body knows how to heal itself. You just need to know what to do.

Depending on the severity of your injury, you might only need a few sessions.

In severe cases, physical therapy is a lifelong process.

Your physical therapist will probably give you exercises to do at home.

You might even be able to carry out your treatment completely remotely.

Physical therapy will help you build good practices and routines.

Be proactive and prevent injury.

Leading a healthy lifestyle will help your body heal when you suffer an injury.

Consider seeing a physical therapist even if your injury doesn’t seem severe.

There could be problems that you didn’t know were there.

Keep in mind that physical therapy is not always covered by insurance.

4: Meditation

The brain is an incredible organ.

The body and mind are more interconnected than you realize.

Meditation has the power to reduce pain.

Here is information from Headspace on how pain meditation works.

Establish a meditation routine while you’re healthy.

That way you’ll be prepared when the pain comes.

Everyone injures themselves at some point or another. It’s best to be prepared. You never know when you might fall and break your foot.

There is a lot more to gain from meditation than pain treatment.

Meditation is a journey of self-discovery.

You will learn how to better manage stress and anxiety.

You’ll also help yourself relax.

5: Diet

Some foods lead to higher levels of inflammation.

Stay away from fats and sugars. Stick to fruits and vegetables.

Carbohydrates aren’t good for inflammation.

Changing your diet will improve your health in other ways.

You will notice an enhanced mood, increased productivity, and higher energy levels. There is really no reason not to have a healthy diet.

Turn this into a fun activity and learn to cook.

Cooking your own food is healthier and cheaper than eating out.

You’ll also find you pay more attention to what you’re eating.


Inflammation is tough to live with, but it’s not impossible. You can heal your body without painkillers.

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