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The following research on Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman will guide you on the recent outrage and what caused the distress among the black community.

Beauty has no color and gender. Every person is beautiful and has their characteristics. But recently, a person from Columbia University made a racist tweet that upset the whole nation. The news has left a negative impact on the people of the United States and worldwide.

This article concerns Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman, informing you about what had happened recently and what was tweeted about black people. Please go through this article if you do not know much about it.

Who is Ms. Gatwech?

Before we begin our research, people must know about this lady, Ms. Gatwech. Nyakim Gatwech is a model from America. Gatwech is South Sudanese Descent’s model. The local people and her fans call her the queen of the dark. She is twenty-four years old and has inspired many young ladies. Her motivational quotes and royalty in her looks in the pictures have made her beauty sensation.

About Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman

Recently, Ms. Gatwech has posted a photo on her social media. The chair of the University of Columbia, Jeffrey Lieberman, tweeted in response to her photo and called her a “freak of nature.” He mentioned this comment on dark-skinned ladies, and it was a racist comment. He was immediately suspended on Wednesday, February 23, 2022. Later, his Twitter account was also suspended. Everyone is beautiful if it is the artist’s work or freak of nature. Nobody has the right to defame and disrespect anybody’s color, caste, religion. People showed hatred in the comments by Jeffrey.

As per Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman, strict actions were taken against him, which will surely affect his career. 

Apology by Jeffrey

Before he was suspended from the university and his Twitter account got suspended, he sent e-mails to his colleagues in which he apologized for his comment on the model. He accepted his fault and said the comment was “offensive words and racist.” Dr. Jeffrey is, a leading psychiatrist and a specialist in schizophrenia, was removed from the position of a psychiatrist. And we are sure that it would affect his career and his statement cannot be neglected.

The Bottom Line

As a result, a meeting was called to appoint the new interim chair. As the Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman got suspended, many people attended the zoom meeting to look into the matter and decide. Out of which most of them were black women. It was described as an outrageous act. Thomas Smith, the new director, tweeted and felt sorrowful on Jeffrey’s comment and showed his grief on the comment. Everybody felt guilty in the department in response to Jeffrey’s racist comments. 


Wrapping up this content, we discussed the matter, and it was an unacceptable act by a renowned personality. The act created distress among the people, and it hurt the sentiments of the black community. As a result, the Columbia Psychiatry Jeffrey Lieberman got suspended, and strict actions would be taken. Please check this link to know more details on Jeffrey Lieberman.  

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