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Did you see the newest trending about Accident in Colerain? Did you have an understanding regarding this news? Officers later caught a man who fled from the public sight for a vehicle crash.

The incident happened near the Northgate Mall in the United States. The Colerain crash is still a partial investigation. The multiple impacts were made by a man named Antonio Wofford.

The Colerain Accident turned into big breaking news after an inquiry by a group of officers regarding this incident. 

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Summary of this incident

A man, 31 aged, who performed this accident became a victim on various news outlets in the past 24 hours. According to announcements from police officers, this investigation is still going on with some controversial matters.

The incident occurred in the beautiful township of Hamilton County in Ohio. Now we will simplify on Colerain Ave Accident.

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Trending news on this wreck

  • The man identified as Antonio Wofford was revealed as the victim who escaped the scene after causing a wreck.
  • This crash occurred in the 9400-block of Colerain Avenue at about 10 a.m. morning.
  • Multiple damages after the impact force to shut down Colerain Avenue literally for hours.
  • Antonio Wofford was later charged and arrested for committing brutal vehicular homicide, as per the information from Colerain police officers.

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Is Colerain Accident Legit?

  • This fatal car wreck in Colerain Avenue Township, Ohio, has left a 25-year-old man dead and one person injured, as per the reports of Colerain Township officers.
  • The man is an American resident from Cincinnati, Ohio; he caused this incident that sounded like big booms.
  • According to police officers, Antonio Wofford, aged 31, was driving a red-colored Mercedes 2012 sedan model on Colerain Avenue north at a very high speed.
  • The man, in the process, was sent to the Hamilton County Justice Center, where he is booked with vehicular homicide legal case.

Colerain Ave Accident more details

  • According to officials, the wreck was eyewitnessed by a nearby Colerain police who was on duty. This officer provides instant help for the injured person.
  • Over time, the man allegedly rammed into a red light and further hit another driver’s Kia Optima car, driven by Ronald Washington Jr.
  • Ronald Washington Jr, was then evicted from the Kia, who died on the spot, police reported.
  • An eye witness reported that he continually heard repeated booms after hitting another car.
  • Police officers are still examining. Anybody with evidence can call the nearby Colerain Avenue Police Department Unit on this number – (513)-321-2677.


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