Coin Of Courage Lost Ark (March 2022) How To Earn It?

The guide shares details about the new Coin of Courage Lost Ark service and currency available during PvP season.

Like all other MMOs, Lost Ark is an online game with many currencies. Players will find different types of currencies in the game that are useful to buy items and upgrade the characters. But, we are discussing here the newly launched currency, Coin of Courage.

Coin of Courage is the PvP (Player to Player) currency available on the Lost Ark game. The currency can be earned by anyone playing the game and participating in player vs. player contests, including arenas. 

Soon after the launch of Coin of Courage Lost Ark, it grabbed the attention of players in the United States, Brazil, and Canada

What is Coin of Courage in Lost Ark?

Coin of Courage is the new in-game currency available for players in Lost Ark. The currency is earned by participating in PvP contests, like arenas. The currency can be exchanged in the in-game store for required resources to gear up the characters.

Players earn them to purchase mounts, resources, titles, and other collectibles from the Lost Ark Pvp Vendor. Besides, the in-game currency also opens a new way to get the PvP cosmetic items. 

During the Coin of Courage service, players also can win Rank Points, especially when the season is active.

What Players Will Get and What are the Requirements?

Coin of Courage PvP currency is obtainable during PvP events, like arenas. But, before you start participating in the event to earn the coin, let us check what players can expect from the coin.

  • With the highest number of Coin of Courage Lost Ark, you heighten the chance of receiving Rank Points during the PvP Season.
  • It also allows the players to complete the PvP weekly quest.
  • The estimated time to earn the coin is about 50 coins per hour.   

More things unlock with the Coin of Courage in the game. Besides, players can also purchase different resources, titles, gears to upgrade the characters. But, players will enjoy all these benefits when they reach at least 26+ levels on their Lost Ark account.

Where to Exchange Coin of Courage Lost Ark?

Players with a sufficient amount of Coin of Courage can exchange the currency or buy items from the PvP vendors. 

The game has an in-game store where you will find different vendors from where you can exchange the currency or buy different in-game products and items for the characters. Players can also enjoy Coin of Courage Boost with the coins, but they can enjoy it when playing in the Piloted Mode. 


The players interested in the Coin of Courage must know that this in-game currency is available only for player vs. player contests. They are also exchangeable for in-game items and resources available at Lost Ark Pvp Vendor.

So, if you want to upgrade your character or buy titles, resources, and collectibles, ensure earning a higher number of coins by participating in the contest. Besides, you can also get the chance to earn Rank Points during PvP Season. 

Have you earned Coin of Courage in Lost Ark? Please, share your experiences in the comment section.

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