Codes All Star Tower Defense 2021 (Sep) Updated list!

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Please read this write-up to find the current Codes All Star Tower Defense 2021, with which you can collect gifts and play the different modes in this game.

Do you love playing games on online platforms? Do you feel you are invincible in this field? Play-time becomes even more thrilling on having free rewards. So, do you want to know the latest codes in a popular game called All Star Tower Defense? Then, please read this composition to discover the same. 

In this article, we have researched the current Codes All Star Tower Defense 2021, which will help online gamers Worldwide receive the in-game rewards while playing it. 

What is All Star Tower Defense?

All Star Tower Defense is a game in Roblox, the online platform which allows users to play games created by them or other users. This game is created by Top-Down Games and, justifying its name, involves the shielding of a tower by the anime characters. However, there is no provision for guns to launch from castle tops.

Instead, the players can choose from various character types to play the game, including the heroes and enemies. With the help of the New Codes For All Star Tower Defense 2021, gamers can get rewards enabling them to proceed in the game faster. The modes in this game include story, infinite, trials, raids, challenges, and player vs player. 

What are the Codes?

The developers of this game announce game codes on achieving specific events related to the game, such as releasing an update or introducing a new level or character. These codes, when redeemed, add to the characters’ equipment like rare skin, gems, experience points, etc. The owners update these codes from time to time, so the old ones get expired, and new ones are launched. 

List of the Codes All Star Tower Defense 2021

Please find the latest list of codes in this game, specified with the number of gems they provide. 

Name of Code Number of Gems Additional Reward
specialkingluffy100k 150 King Luffy
illbewatchingyou 300 NA
nowherescoredeal 250 NA
gamebreakingvisits101 250 NA
septemberupdate21  250 NA

If you have a code that is not present in the above list, it has perhaps expired. For more information on these codes, you can browse the social media pages of this game, where these are published. 

Redemption of the Codes

Visit the Roblox platform, go to this game, and follow the simple steps mentioned below for redeeming the New Codes For All Star Tower Defense 2021

  • In the game, click on the settings icon at the bottom-right portion.
  • Type in or copy-paste one of the latest codes listed above in the dialog box under ‘Enter Code’.
  • Redeem your code and obtain unique gifts. 


The developers have recently launched an update to the All Star Tower Defense game  wherein new features and attack levels have been introduced. Before you play any game in Roblox, please peruse How Gamers detect Robux generator is fake for your safety. 

Also, for enjoying the special rewards, keep checking the latest Codes All Star Tower Defense 2021 as they are updated frequently. 

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