Code Anime Fighters Simulator (Nov 2021) Steps To Redeem

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Have you discovered the recent profitable Code Anime Fighters Simulator and its associated rewards? Then, stick around this post.

Are you longing to know about the newest update of your favorite game? Then, kindly pay attention to this article carefully. 

The gaming experts have exposed that Roblox is a popular gaming platform for Worldwide players. Also, it has several advantages, including free-to-play mode, because of which about 64 million people visit it monthly. 

Recently, one of the wanted Roblox games, ‘Anime Fighters Simulator,’ has published some codes with numerous benefits. So, in this piece, we will see the Code Anime Fighters Simulator.’ 

Briefing the Game

The game was formerly known as ‘Anime Fighters,’ which reflects the experience of Sulley, where you have to fight with deadly evils. Furthermore, you will have to find and teach the powerful fighters. 

In addition, you have to make a group of strongest players by upgrading them periodically. You will find the players by traveling the game’s world and discovering the unknown worlds. 

Created on January 2021
Gear types None
Genre Adventure
Creator  Sulley

In the next section, we have quoted some latest codes to help you in the game’s journey. 

Recent Code Anime Fighters Simulator

SpookyIsland Luck Boost
Thanks150k Yen and Luck Boost
EpicShutdown Freebies 
DestinyIsland Luck and Yen Boost
ShutdownCode Tickets (Free of cost)
NinjaRaid Freebie passes
Gold500k Luck Boost (Special)
SCity 15 Minute Luck and Yen Boosts
SorryForShutdown Golden Luck Booster for 15 mins
Insane200k Yen and Luck Boost for 30 Minutes
1MilFaves Freebie Boosters 
NewSulley750k Luck Booster
200milcrazy Golden Luck Boosts for 15 Minutes.
CurseHigh Damage Boosts and Luck boost (15 minutes)
Pog400k 15 Minute Yen and Damage Boosts
AlchemyLand Super Yen Boost
LuckIsland Freebie Boosters 
Nice300k Boosters for free
Thanksgiving- it is a new Code Anime Fighters Simulator Free Boosts
Poggers100Mil Luck and Yen Boost
Yeet250k Yen Boost
Sub2codenex Luck Boost for 10 minutes 
Sub2foxpanda Yen Boost
EpicShutdown  Free Items
Sub2Numerous XP Boost (10 minutes)
Cyclxnee Boost (Luck)
CrimesIsland Luck Boosts
Sub2Veyar Luck Boost for (10 mins)

However, a few invalid codes of the game are- 

UpdateDelay Yen Boost (20 Minute)
CraftBug 5 Free Tickets
TicketCode Fixed Raid Ticket 
100kRecord Luck, Damage, and Yen Boost

How to Use or Redeem The Codes?

It should be pointed out that these Code Anime Fighters Simulator are sequential; thus, please redeem them as earliest as you can by following the below-mentioned steps- 

  • Start the ‘Anime Fighters Simulator’ game.
  • Then push the ‘Twitter’ icon popping up on the screen’s middle right section
  • Enter the ‘Codes’ of your choice
  • Once typed in, then press the green button. 
  • After that, you will notify a verification stating that your reward is active or not.

Therefore, it is requested not to waste your time while retrieving the codes. 

Closing Thoughts 

This Code Anime Fighters Simulator article will help you extract the rewards in-game, including Luck and Yen Boosts. 

Moreover, the ‘Anime Fighters’ game is of the adventure genre. Thus, kindly redeem the codes as earliest as you can before they expire. Read more here about the game.  

Do you think that the codes are beneficial? Please write to us. 

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