Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam 2021 {Jun} A Fake Link Scam!

Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam 2021 {Jun} A Fake Link Scam!>> Here in this article, we will read about the scam run by the name of Coca-Cola foundation.

Have you also received messages from various big companies for gifts or prizes? Because many scams are going on Worldwide on the internet by the name of these big companies providing a giveaway to lucky people.

Here in this article, we will talk about one such topic: the Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam 2021; this scam got very popular among many countries as it was circulated on social media websites like WhatsApp and Facebook worldwide. To know more about this particular scam, read this article till the end.

What Is Coca Cola Welfare Fund:

The coca cola foundation was founded back in 1984, and till then, this foundation is working on supporting a sustainable community, and till now. This foundation has granted almost $ 1 billion all around the world.

The Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam 2021 is the scam under which the link is circulated under the name of this foundation. This foundation gives one percent of its annual income to support various communities. This foundation provides support to almost 432 organizations around the 154 countries in the world.

The foundation donates from its coca cola foundation, and also with the company, coca cola major donations are done by the foundation, and then other donations are made by the company. The organization in need of support can apply through forms and submit them to their online application system.

Reality Of Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam 2021:

It is a scam where a link is circulated in social media handles by the name Coca Cola; under this scam, people received a link in which they need to answer several questions and then they need to provide their personal data and information in that link.

This claims to give prizes to the selected users, a prize worth $3000 after completing the set of questions they are asked about going through that link. This particular link is a scam circulating on social media, and we would suggest our readers avoid these kinds of links that claim to provide gifts and prizes.

How To Report These Kinds Of Scam:

You can report this kind of fake link scams like Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam 2021 by following these steps:

  • Stop sharing anonymous messages with links
  • Always confirm the genuine source of a link before proceeding
  • Do not share your personal credentials or any personal data
  • Always inspect the URL before clicking on the link
  • If you have given your personal data by any chance in the coca cola scam link, you can contact 016 451 678 for technical assistance. Want to know more about Coca Cola foundation? Read here.


Here in this following article, we have read about the Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam 2021. We have read about every possible detail about this topic. We have gone through the reality of this scam, and we have also read about how we can report these kinds of scams.

Do you think people fall into these kinds of fake link gifts trap? Do let us know your views in the comment section.

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