Coca Cola Welfare Fund Hoax 2021 {Jun} About This Scam!

Coca Cola Welfare Fund Hoax 2021 {Jun} About This Scam!>> This post contains the details of a scam conducted in the name of a multinational company across the world.

Many governments all over the world are cautioning their citizens to be aware of the online scam Coca Cola Welfare Fund Hoax 2021. Scammers Worldwide use the name of a multinational beverage company to get the attention of internet users and scam them.

It is not that it is happening for the first time, but these scams have been taking place for years in different countries. The modus operandi of the scammers are almost identical, targeting the customer through Email and link-based message.

About coca-cola welfare fund:

In 1984 Roberto Goizueta, chairman cum CEO of the beverages giant, established the coca-cola foundation for philanthropic purposes worldwide. Unfortunately, Coca Cola Welfare Fund Hoax 2021 is carried in the name of this organization by scammers.

Initially, this fund was started as a local organization, but its activities in different field have made it a global body. Till now, it has given more than 1 billion dollars as assistance to communities throughout the world. Some of the work done by the foundation in the last 36 years is as follows:

  • It has touched the lives of more than 700 million people till now and helped them in different ways.
  • It has partnered with more than 2500 organization to empower women and protect the environment with its initiatives.
  • It also economically empower women with its entrepreneurship training program and run a youth development plan.

What is Coca Cola Welfare Fund Hoax 2021?

A website link is circulating on what’s App, and other social media platform claiming that Coca Cola Company is conducting a paid survey and participant has a chance of winning $3000 or Tsh 100,000. The survey has a questionnaire, and people are required to fill it in return for the cash incentive.

The link carries the participant to a website where they are asked for their detail before starting the survey. Details like name, date of birth, phone number and address of the people interested in the survey are requested.

The local unit of coca-cola in the Philippines, Cambodia, United States and other countries have warned citizens against these scam message.

How to identify Coca Cola Welfare Fund Hoax 2021?

Coca-cola Company, on their website, has indicated some signs which can help people identify these scammers globally. Some of them are stated below for your convenience:

  • These emails look official and appear to come from some financial institution.
  • It will have a claim number and a false cheque that has similarity with the coca-cola company cheque.
  • Will have grammatical errors with substandard content.
  • Scammers will send this mail from the free and general email account.
  • Scammers will lure customers by giving them ways to earn easy money by performing a simple task.
  • They will ask for personal information.

Final verdict:

Coca Cola Corporation and the government of the concerned country are warning their citizens against Coca Cola Welfare Fund Hoax 2021. Therefore, people should avoid or report such mail and links and get confirmation from the parent company before committing to such surveys.

If you or anyone near have been the victim of this scam, please share your story in the comment section and give your opinion about the post below. To know more about this scam.

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