Clout Zap Scam (March 2022) Learn All The Aspects Here!

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The guide shares details to help readers know if Clout Zap Scam or a legit portal to make money.

The financial instability during the global pandemic has urged people in the United States to search for easy money-making options. They are looking for options that let people earn easy money while at home. So, to cater to people’s needs, a new money-making website has been launched, Clout Zap.

Clout Zap is the online website that claims to help people make easy money virtually right from the confines of their house. It allows making passive income by sharing reference links, playing games, and more. 

But, before registering on the website, people want to know is Clout Zap Scam or a legit portal.

What is Clout Zap?

As mentioned, Clout Zap is the online website claiming to help people earn easy and quick money online. The website claims to let people earn passive income by completing quests, playing games, and referring links to friends and family. 

People can start making money by clicking on their referral link, registering for the referrals, and completing the daily quests. Many well-wishers of the website claim that it is the best way to make extra money during the global pandemic. 

However, many people in the United States are still wondering if it is legit or a new online scam. 

Is Clout Zap Scam or Legit?

It is a smart move to check the legitimacy of any online website before signing up and registering for any quests, especially when it claims to help people make easy online money. In the case of Clout Zap, we found many aspects that are worth mentioning, and it would help people decide whether it is a scam or legit.

  • Clout Zap is a new website registered on 9th Oct 2021. Therefore, it is only an 81-day old portal and can’t be trusted completely.
  • Also, its expiry date is 9th Oct 2022.  
  • The website’s trust score is only 1%, and trust rank is 39.6/100, and it is a red flag, and people must stay cautious when using it.
  • Many people said Clout Zap Scam and not legit in their reviews. The website received mixed reviews from users, of which a maximum number of reviews are unfavorable. 

We can’t confirm whether the website is legit or a scam based on these factors. But, we urge our readers to stay cautious and research before registering.

What Do Users Have to Say?

As mentioned, we found multiple reviews on Clout Zap, and all of them are mixed. Some people said it is a legit portal to make money and help people make easy passive income. 

However, most of the users said Clout Zap Scam and not legit. In the reviews, users said they had got no payment on the specified date after completing daily tasks and playing games. So, the application seems highly suspicious and possibly a scam.

Since maximum Reviews are unfavorable, we can’t confirm the legitimacy and urge our readers to research carefully before registering to make money online.      


Clout Zap is still a new portal to judge for its legitimacy. After evaluating, we found multiple reviews, of which the majority is negative, considering Clout Zap Scam and not legit. 

So, we urge all our readers to register on the portal after reviewing and analyzing it carefully and must visit all the users’ reviews. Besides, ensure to learn How to Protect Yourself from a Scam.   

Are you a member of Clout Zap? Please, share your experiences in the comment section.


    1. How long did it take for to verify you to completely process your first payment???I just completed all the cash out requirements and got my payment method thru PayPal approved on the site..when checked the withdrawal history it said my due date was yesterday 1/4/22 was that just Bc I started the site this day?

        1. Yes I had 2 due dates been completed the entire apps and survey and it will not spend another second on that app I was supposed to get cashed out 1/1/2022
          Did that happen no I’m still waiting for my payment and I had to pay for some subscription to get the money I made and now the app states my process due date is 1-24-2022 we will see I just don’t believe it’s legit so if the money is released on Monday I will update you all to tell you if they are to be truly trusted

          1. Hi Turquoise Dominique Whitfield, Hope you are safe and great! Thank you for sharing the issue you had. Please let us know further as well the progress in this. Stay safe.

        2. Word. My day come to get paid and it got pushed back a week/ 7 days. And there is no help section like they say you can reach customer service.

    2. I’m trying to figure out how to contact clout zap they are supposed to be paying me did they pay you

      1. I had a payment date of 1/12/22. Today is 1/15 and I am still waiting! No contact number. The website says there is a love chat on the help page, but there’s not. I’ve emailed every email address I could find and they have all bounced back.

    3. I cashed out back before Christmas and they said I would be paid by Jan 17th or before I have yet to get any payment and it still says processing.

      1. Same. I’ve been checking my PayPal since 3 this morning. Here it is going on 8 pm and still nothing. Wasted time that I can never get back

      2. Yes they have did me the same way and I’m still waiting the said February 2 then that came now the 8th I checked just now they saying the 15th it’s a joke to me.

      3. I been waiting on payment since 12/20/21 and here it is 3/6/22. Its still saying processing and the date to transfer to my account keep changing. Those people saying they got paid was lying.Its a big scam. The money we made probably went straight to their accounts..

  1. I do the tasks but the tasks are never counted… they never are labeled successful completion. And I followed the instructions on the dot.

    1. Hello Rochelle Witness, Did you place an order with them? Please let us know the details, so other buyers can be aware of this portal. Keep updating. Stay away and alert. Thanks. Take care.

  2. I’m done finishing all the necessary requirements,,,I have cash out but my due date is 10-02-2022,,,,are you guys paying for real cos I wasted alot of energy and time to do all this,,,is it real,,,,please I need your reply,,,,,thank you

  3. I’ve been doing it all day made $191 but won’t let me cash out. I posted on five different social media sites got no credits or money for. I’m thinking it’s a scam which I’m upset about. I mean things are so hard right now and I’m living check to check which is ssi. This is completely bs and I want something back for all my times apps downloaded ect.

  4. How long does it take for the money process? Because I completed tasked 2 days ago and it’s still saying “processing” smh how do I get my money?

    1. I completed everything 2 months ago, I’ve come apon my payment dates for 3gs & $200 3 times now and every time at midnight of payment date it gets moved back, 1st another 30 days and now it’s 10 days, 10days , 10days they just keep BS’n on actually paying me when instructions were followed to a T. I’m hella mad for blowing up my social media to get legit clicks referrals etc only to not receive a dime or a way to contact them, I’ve tried with a cpl email addresses and nothing. Scam

  5. Has anyone actually done all of the requirements including waiting the initial 30 days to get your first payment and not gotten paid?

          1. I cashed out 1 month and a half ago and every week I am supposed to get paid they push my date out. I did not do anything against their fraud clause do I am not sure. I have 2 payments pending and both keep being shoved out.

          2. Hi Erika Randolph, we advise you to check with payment providers, if you haven’t received the order as yet. Kindly let us know, what is the present scene. Take care

      1. Yes I have. I waited the 30 days my payment fate was supposed to be today and guess what? Suddenly my payment date is now Feb 12!!! So pissed off its a fucken waste of time.

    1. Did all requirements in January. Was given my payout date. When that date came around it changed to a different date. It has now changed 3 times and still no $$$ I have 3 pending. Each over $1400. No $ on any ;(

      1. Same here! My due date for payment was scheduled for 3/4/2022. I completed everything over a month ago. I went to check my withdraw history at 10pm on 3/3/2022 and the payout date had changed to 3/11/2022! I was supposed to purchase a vehicle today with that money so I could work! I’m so upset to read all these negative reviews.

      2. Same 30 days passed no payment but changed to a date 7 days later twice, but realized in account setting I never entered the payment method section with my PayPal email so updated that to see if new date of 3-9-22 has different results… so I recommend checking profile/ account settings n making sure you update username or email of where u want to be paid… don’t have to link it or provide password either to do.

        Will update on 9th with verdict, but do see many red flags so not holding breath.. mainly the advice to contact them via chat on help page but no chat options or any contact method whatsoever.. among other sketchy details but who knows.. giving one last chance due to this payment method update so if no pay this time then definitely scam

  6. So I’ve done everything asked now I’m down to my last social post and it keeps telling me I’ve put in an invalid YouTube url so unless I’m really doi

  7. So I’ve completed all requirements except social post I was on my last one and it keeps telling me I’ve entered an invalid YouTube url so I think it must be a scam cause I’m at 96% completed and can’t get any further

    1. It let me complete all of the requirements to 100% and says I will be paid by Jan 17th I cashed out back before Christmas it still says processing so I will update on here after the 17th if I get paid or not. Pretty sure it’s a scam tho.

      1. Hello DANIEL THOMPSON, many of them have expressed the same review. It can be suggested to be aware of them as the buyers have dropped negative reviews. So please let us know if you get it. Take care. Thank you.

        1. My pay date is January 28and 29 almost been thirty days processing I’ve completed all referrals all tasks and all social media submitting I will let you guys know if I’m paid in a few days from now

  8. Today is my day to get my payment. Here we are at 5:55pm with the status still processing and no reply from the email I sent to support. I will update tomorrow I guess but so far, I’m gonna say scam. I was so careful I wouldn’t even let my family sign up with my link only. So all my referrals are from Facebook. There’s no way I triggered their fraud so if I don’t get paid, it’s definitely a scam.

      1. My schedule payment date is was 06-02-2022 have waited for a month now, and it then get today I just login to check the date have been extended why is it so, because all my referral are feeling doubt over this cloutzap stuff and I have no way to defend that, this doesn’t make good to relate to another now what will I have to tell my referrals ? That cloutzap is a scam or what ?

  9. This just pissed me off they make it seem like you are getting paid instantly after completing everything. A waste of time and energy

    1. Hello DaRonnica Robinson, most of them have dropped the same review and have expressed disappointment. The buyers should get justice from them. Please let us know any updates. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  10. This website should show some integrity about what they do. Karma is something! People are trying to do things out of an honest ❤️. Stop playing with people emotions. When will we be able to collect our earnings?

  11. I was supposed too receive two payments by now it goit to the day it’s supposed to pay out and my pay date got moved up another week I have screen shots too prove it

  12. They never 👎🏾 paid me, my gosh I was scammed! The website promised me a payout days ago I provided all my info and still NO payout.

    Please someone find this company email or phone number please!

  13. I completed all the requirements. Tried to cash out. Said it will take a month. Supposed to be in my pay pal on 1/30/22 on that day it switched to 2/6/22. Now its 2/13/22. Definitely a scam. No help or contact for cloutzap

  14. They scammed me never paid on the day of my pay out they changed it to 2-12-22 when it was supposed to be yesterday waste of time and energy thank god I didn’t give them no money

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