Cloud Sac Reviews (Dec 2021) Is This Offer Scam Deal?

Cloud Sac Online Website Review

The guide shares Cloud Sac Reviews to help consumers learn about the store and make purchasing decisions accordingly.  

Do you like streaming movies being seated in a cozy bean bag? Are you looking for cost-effective bean bags to buy online? Then, need to learn about the legitimacy of the website called Cloud Sac.

Cloud Sac is the website that claims to sell bean bags and other lounge products at affordable rates. However, the website lacks many vital details because consumers in the United States are hesitating to shop at the store and search for Cloud Sac Reviews.

You must continue reading if you want to learn about the store.

What is Cloud Sac?

Cloud Sac is the online ecommerce website claiming to be the leading seller of bean bags and other lounge products. The website has a collection of bean bags, armchair, sofa, ottoman, footstool, pillow, and cuddle cushions. 

The website design is simple, and it makes browsing the products easier for the consumers. Besides, products come with description that helps consumers to make the right shopping decisions. But, many vital details are missing from the website. 

Reluctant customers are searching for more details to learn Is Cloud Sac Legit or scam before shopping at the store. The website targets consumers in the United States.

Specifications of This Online Site

  • Website Link –  
  • Products – Armchair, Ottoman, Pillow, Lounge Bean Bags, Cuddle Cushions, and more
  • Payment Modes – Not Shared
  • Phone Support – 0845 241 0259
  • Email ID –
  • Physical Address – Not Available
  • Domain Age – Four Years Ninety One Days (Registration Date 28th July 2017)
  • Owner Details – Not Shared
  • Social Links – Not Available 
  • Shipping Info – Not Available on the Website
  • Return and Refund – No Details Found On the Website

Pros of Cloud Sac

Before accessing the section of Cloud Sac Reviews, let us check some of the benefits.

  • The website has a simple design
  • Wide range of products available
  • Product description for all the products
  • Size guide is available for all products

Cons of Cloud Sac 

  • The website lacks many vital details
  • No reviews found over the internet  
  • No details of shipping and return are available 
  • Owner details are missing 
  • There is no information about the physical address

Is Cloud Sac Legit or a Scam?

Customers are getting smarter these days, and they shop at legit websites to avoid unnecessary online scams. So, in terms of Cloud Sac, we found some details that can help consumers make the right shopping decision.

  • The website was registered on 28th July 2017, and it is more than four years old website.
  • The trust index of the website is 76%, and it doesn’t confirm its legitimacy. So, further research is necessary. 
  • The trust rank of the website is 75.5/100.
  • Despite being a four-year-old website, no Cloud Sac Reviews are available on the seller’s website and over the internet. 
  • Details like owner name, physical address, shipping, and return policy are missing on the website, creating suspicion.
  • The store is not active on social media as there is no link found.  

Based on these facts and findings, the website can’t be considered a legit portal completely. Further research and analysis are needed to make the right buying decision.

What Are Customers Saying?

After reviewing the website and researching virtually, we found zero reviews and comments from any store’s consumer. However, the website is more than four years old. It has been in business for over four years, and despite this, it lacks attracting consumers’ attention.

So, you won’t find any reviews or feedback online, and it becomes difficult for consumers to decide its legitimacy. It is very important to read the Cloud Sac Reviews of customers to make the right decision as many online scams are going on. 

Besides, it is equally important to access the tips on spotting and reporting PayPal Scams. It will help you stay protected while shopping online. 


Cloud Sac is an online ecommerce website that sells lounge products, like Bean Bags, cushions, pillows, cuddle cushions, and more. However, the website seems to be more than four years old, and despite being a four-year-old portal, it lacks grabbing customers’ attention. 

So, you won’t find any Cloud Sac Reviews over the internet, and hence we urge consumers to further analyze and research before shopping at the store. Besides, ensure to check the helpful tips on spotting and reporting Credit Card Scams.

Have you ordered any product from the store? Then, be the first customer to share reviews in the comment section. 

14 thoughts on “Cloud Sac Reviews (Dec 2021) Is This Offer Scam Deal?

  1. Order from them over a month ago from an advertised page on tiktok never was given any information a all and got no contacts to dispute this 59.99 now that I have lost out on this company is a joke and I hope they get shutdown for scammjng people

      1. Hello Barb saunders, We have seen all have the same issue. So, it assures, they are scammers. It will be fine to take one step ahead and ask for a refund. You can check with your payment company. Reach them and get details. They will help you properly. Hope you receive a refund. Let us know. Thanks

        1. They are Def scammers. I ordered Oct. 26th and I have received nothing I have emailed back n forth with them since Nov. 12th. There excuse for delay of shipment was because they went viral on tik tok. They kept telling me they were gonna send my bean bag out the following week. Never did and then they asked me if I wanted a refund and after telling them I wanted a refund probably 10 times…. they have stopped communicating with me now. Definitely a scam. I’m out 60 bucks now. So sad that people have to steal others hard earned money.

          Audrey D

          1. Hello Audrey D, feel bad about such incidents. Thanks for the detailed information. Buyers go through this message thoroughly and stay away. This information indicates they are scammers. It is recommended to check the portal details twice before any purchase. You can try again to get your money back. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  2. I ordered from them 6 weeks ago have not received my product, shipping information or a tracking number. He e mailed them at least 4 times with no response. This is a scam! Do not order from them!

  3. Ordered from them on Nov 3, sent them 4 emails and no response. They never gave any updates on the order either. I hope they get caught and get shut down.

    1. Hello Chariece, Hope you get proper track. It’s doubtful about the order, since its long time back order. It seems they are scammers. If you can check with the PayPal or however you paid it. You will find a better solution. Thanks. Take care.

  4. Ordered my beanbag off of a tiktok ad almost a month ago.. It let me download a tracking app but there’s no update after “order placed”. I emailed them, but got no response. $64.99 down the drain 🙁 Don’t buy from them!

    1. Hello Hannah Decker, Sorry to hear about the incident. Did you reach out for a refund? Check with the payment company. They will give you a better solution to get money back. Thanks for the update and advice to the buyers. Take care.

  5. I ordered the “giant” beanbag from an ad on tiktok. It did arrive but it is so ridiculously small!!! Very mislead and totally not what the advertisement says your getting!!

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