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Do you want to know the exact Cline Siblings Count from Netflix’s Documentary Our Father? Read to find out!

Did you watch the new Crime Documentary released on Netflix? Our Father was released on Netflix on 11 May 2022, and the viewers can’t stop asking questions lingering from this documentary.

People from the United States, the United Kingdomand other countries asked whether this was possible. And the most common question asked by the viewers is the exact Cline Siblings Count. What is the answer? Let’s find out!

Cline Siblings from Our Father

Netflix has gone through its ways and recently came up with several true crime documentaries creating awareness among the viewers. Released worldwide on 11 May 2022, Our Father is a true-crime documentary of a fertility doctor who played with the feelings of his patients without their knowledge or consent. 

The fertility doctor was Donald Cline, and even he wouldn’t know the exact number of children he fathered unfairly. However, by the end of the documentary, 94 known Cline Siblings are identified as per the updated details.

About the Cline Siblings 2022

Today, we are talking about how the Cline half-siblings learned about each other and found out that their biological father was a fertility doctor named Donald Cline.

Donald Cline was once a reputed and respected fertility doctor in Indianapolis from the 1970s to the 1990s. Although he blessed his patients with offspring, Donald took advantage of his powers. 

One of the Cline Siblings, Jacoba Ballard, was introduced in the documentary and uncovered the truth after taking a simple DNA test at home. She had always questioned her origins, given her blonde hair and blue eyes in a dark-haired family. 

How Many Cline Siblings Are There? Donald Cline has fathered over 94 known children, and the count may increase as more of the half-siblings are discovered.

Where is Donald Cline now?

If you think that Our father is just a TV drama, you are wrong! It is based on a true crime story, and the Cline half-siblings exist. Donald Cline retired as a fertility doctor in 2009 after working as one for more than 3 decades. And in 2018, the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana terminated Donald’s medical license after he was convicted on two felony counts.

Our Father How Many Siblings were revealed, and investigations took place. And since then, Donald has been living a low-profile life in his 80s in Indianapolis. The exact location of Donald Cline is unknown at the moment.

Audience reviews of Our Father:

While the documentary had a strong message to be conveyed to the audience and open their eyes to various crimes around them, Our Father seemed to be lousy and creepy to some viewers.

However, other viewers seem to love the way Netflix portrayed the story through the eyes of the victims of Donald Cline’s crime.

Final Words:

Cline Siblings Count has been revealed in the article above. The story of Donald’s crimes victims to find justice is a truth worth learning and knowing.

Our Father is a true-crime documentary. It is now streaming on Netflix; have you watched it yet? Let us know in the comments!

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