Clearwater Beach Suicide {June} Murder For Self-Defense?

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Do you like jet-skiing and parasailing? If so, you must have dreamt of visiting Clearwater Beach. Haven’t you? It is one of the most amazing and most loved beaches by visitors in the United States. But recently, there have been many mishaps taking place near this place. 

The recent one was more soul-shaking for many individuals. According to the sources, it happened 4-6 days back between a woman and a man. It’s not clear whether it was a suicide or a murder. Let’s see the detailing of Clearwater Beach Suicide

Was it a Suicide or a Murder? 

An answer to this important query is ‘self-defense.’ The scenario was unusual, where a man got killed by a woman through a gun. He tried to forcefully enter the room of a lonesome woman, and she grabbed her gun to shoot him.

When police reached the crime point, they witnessed the man’s dead body. The man was dead on the spot, and the woman said the stranger had fatally smashed into her room. 

Investigators’ Opinions On Clearwater Beach Shooting

According to the investigators, they got a call from a lady at 8:45 am. They tried to reach as early as they could and witnessed something unusual. After a thorough investigation, they got to know a little bit about the identity of the man. He was 26-year-old Justin William Wright. 

They also mentioned that the victim was injured while trying to protect herself. Additionally, the gun was legally bought by that woman. Further investigations, judgments, and identifications still need to be checked.

Why is Clearwater Beach Suicide Trending? 

This specific case is controversial because of the confusion among people. A few of them thought that it might be a suicide. At the same time, the other ones are still struggling to know whether it’s a murder or a case of self-defense, as the complete reports aren’t out now. 

We don’t even know the woman’s identity and the autopsy reports. Therefore, we believe that we should wait till the investigation team draws a proper conclusion. 

What Can be the Punishment? 

If we think rationally about the Clearwater Beach Shootingwe must know about the future punishments a woman can face. So, according to the laws and order of the United States, self-defense killings are not accused of crimes. Therefore, if a person is urged to kill another person in self-defense, they can avert illegal penalties as long as the actions are explained. 

But, there’s a condition in this scenario that the defendant must substantiate that they were a looming threat to avoid being arrested for the slaying. So, the woman who shot Justin must prove her innocence to save herself from further punishments. Otherwise, she will be punished by death or by imprisonment for life. 


As a concluding thought, Clearwater Beach Suicide was an absolute mishap. But, if it was self-defense, we should appreciate the courage of that woman and must pledge to follow the same thing she did. And, if it was a murder, we wish that the culprit gets the desirable and deserving punishment by the law. 

We have gathered the existing information from the Internet. To get more data related to this topic, click here. Kindly comment whether you think the self-defense law is harsh or not?  

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