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In the article, we will discuss the changes made in the Clark County Tax Cap Form and its effect on the residents.

Do you know what the Clark County Tax is? Do you know why people panicked due to it?

The closing date to lowering property taxes is fastly nearing for property owners in Clark County. State law limits the annual increase in housing taxes for principal dwellings in the county to 3 percent. This caused a lot of unrest in Clark County, situated in Nevada, United States. The following guide will help you gather information about the Clark County Tax Cap Form.

What does the Tax Cap Form state?

As per the notice issued by the Clark County Assessor, according to state law, the county’s principal dwelling property taxes are restricted to increases of no more than 3% annually. Tenant and secondary properties might soar by 8% every year. House owners identifying their residence as their main residence on the form are good enough to qualify for the 3 percent rate.

You may visit the Clark County Assessor’s website, wherein you can submit an application for the 3 percent rate by completing a tax cap form. You can send the Temp Tax Cap Form 22 to the Clark County assessor’s office or drop it there in person.

Deadline of the Form

To be effective for the fiscal year 2021–2021, the paperwork must be submitted by Thursday, June 30.

There is no predetermined limit on taxes. The assessor’s website states that even if you miss the deadline on Thursday, you can still change your tax cap as of the fiscal year 2022-2023.

In any case, if one is 

not sure about their property tax cap, they may search for their home in the Property Account Inquiry Search bar on the county treasurer’s website.

Effects of Clark County Assessors Office Notice

As the budgetary year 2023 commences on July 1, 2022, hundreds of the Clark County residents rushed into the town assessor’s office in anticipation that their property taxes and thus housing costs would increase. Many people are confused about the category of their houses and related things. Due to thethis reason, a lot of rush can be seen at the county office.

Many people also took to social media to voice their thoughts, saying they may be charged at the wrong rate due to such changes. Also, they were unhappy with the deadline being June 30, which is too soon for Clark County Tax Cap Form.


In this article, we discussed the changes in the tax cap form of Clark County and the new cap rates on property tax for the residents of the area. We also stated what the notice by the county office says about the form and its deadline. Finally, we discussed the effects it had on the region’s people and how they are not very clear on the next steps of filling the form. To get a more detailed information regarding the tax cap read.

Was this article Clark County Tax Cap Form, able to lessen your confusion regarding the Tax Cap? Please let us know what you think of these changes in the comment box.

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