Clags Wordle: Is It A Game? Know The Word Definition, And Is It a Word?

In the post, we will discuss the correct answer for 446 wordles, the meaning of the clag word and more about Clags Wordle.

Did you play the 446 wordles of 8th September 2022? Did you find difficulty solving the wordle, which required 5 letter words starting with CLA? Wordle is gaining popularity globally, including in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and India. People enjoy puzzles because they have something new and interesting to solve daily. However, sometimes it is easy to guess the answer and sometimes hard to guess. So, if you find difficulty in solving the Clags Wordle, you can take help from here.

What is the correct answer for 446 Wordle?

The 446 wordles have confused many people, leading them to guess the wrong answer. The correct answer for the 8th September 2022 wordle is CLASS but instead of class, many people ended up with CLAGS. Though CLAGS is a valid word, it isn’t included in the list of wordle, so the guess of the answer has clags is incorrect. 

Many other words start with CLA. Here is the list of those words.


You can use these words for future reference in case you need 5-letter words that start with CLA. To know more about Clags Game wordle, keep reading the post till last.

What were the hints of 446 Wordle?

The 8th September 2022 wordle has many hints to guess the answer, but some people have misunderstood those hints. So, these hints are explained below.

  • The starting initially in the word is C.
  • The ending letter in the word is S.
  • The word has only one vowel.
  • There is one letter in the word which used twice. 
  • The word can be used as a noun, adjective, or verb.
  • If it is used as a noun or verb, it means a group or category.
  • If it is used as an adjective, it means awesomeness or elegance. 

What is Clags Definition?

CLAG is a noun meaning “a lump or clot of snow or dirt.”Though the word has relevant meaning, it is not the correct answer for 446 wordles. In case you guess the answer, you don’t need to worry; you can take help from our regularly updated wordle post. 

There are many times when people misunderstand the wordle hints and thus end up guessing the wrong answer. So, reading the hints carefully before guessing the answer is always advisable because you have only six guesses. To know more about wordle, keep reading our post. 

Is CLAGS a word?

Yes, CLAGS is a valid word in the English dictionary, meaning to stick or as mud. The word probably originated from Scandinavian. 

However, the correct answer for 446 wordles is CLASS, not CLAGS.


Many people end up guessing the wrong answer for 446 wordles. The correct answer is CLASS, whereas people choose CLAGS as the word. Though clag is a word, it is not the correct answer for the 8th September 2022 wordle. Moreover, you can read hints carefully to guess the correct answer. Kindly comment what your view on this Clags Wordle. To know more about 8th September answer click here   

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