Citibank Los Angeles Reviews (March) People’s Reaction!

The guide shares the opinions and Citibank Los Angeles Reviews online after the viral video.  

Citibank Los Angeles has been in the news since 23rd March 2022 after a worker was found to be racially profiling a black girl attempting to deposit a cheque worth $30K. After she brought the story into the limelight, it started trending on social media. 

She was a popular TikTok user with over one million followers. But, after she shared her story on the social media platform, it started attracting more followers in the United States and the United Kingdom.  

The video shared grabbed the attention of 8.5 million users. You can check the video and the Citibank Los Angeles Reviews online for more information. 

What is the Story All About?

Baby Storme is a famous TikTok Star with over one million followers. Recently, she shared a video on her TikTok account where she was seen crying for being racially profiled by a worker of Citibank Los Angeles Branch. 

In the two-minute video, she said that when she approached the bank to deposit a cheque from her father to pay the rent, she was racially profiled by a worker. The cheque was $30K worth, and it was to be used for paying a year’s rent. 

However, the teller at the bank said that she couldn’t deposit the cheque because he couldn’t verify the cheque. 

What are the Citibank Los Angeles Reviews?

After the story of Baby Storme went viral, many social media users and other people took the social media and discussion forum to discuss the news. People were seen supporting the TikTok star and shared many feedbacks and reviews against Citibank Card

Some people also shared reviews in support of the teller and the bank. They said it is the protocol to verify the cheque, and it is normal. Some people were against racially profiling the girl and shared negative Citibank Los Angeles Reviews.

Different people share different opinions, and you can read all the reviews online before sharing your thoughts. 

What Steps Has Citibank Taken?

Soon after the video went viral, it started grabbing the attention of many users, including Citibank Los Angeles. 

The video strengthened the sentiments of her followers, and they urged her to pursue a lawsuit. However, many people were seen appreciating her courage in the situation. 

Baby Storme has not yet replied to the TikTok comments or shared any Instagram direct message. But, many people shared mixed Citibank Los Angeles Reviews online. 

Citibank has not responded yet to the viral video. Bank will soon release a notice to clarify the things to the public. Until then, you may check and read the thoughts and reviews from different people online. You can also check the story online on her TikTok account.   


Citibank Los Angeles has been in the news these days after a video of a TikTok star went viral. The video shares a story of a black girl who has been allegedly profiled when she went to deposit a cheque of $30K worth in the bank.

Soon after the video was published, it grabbed the attention of many people who were seen sharing mixed Citibank Los Angeles Reviews

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