{No Blur} Chun Li Incident Uncensored: How It Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Telegram & Tiktok? Know Details Here!

Check out the Chun Li Incident Uncensored video going viral on Twitter and find the complete information about the incident in the tournament.

Have you seen the mod uncensored fight between Chun Li and Kimberly? A sensational gaming video is going viral of the Street Fighter 6 tournaments.

Worldwide, people are following this tournament and watching the battles of Street Fighter 6 characters. A recent incident sparked the social media audience by sharing a sensational clip of the Chun Li Incident Uncensored.

About the Incident 

The incident took place during the street fighter 6 tournament held on Twitch. During the stream, one of the players from the battle intentionally or unintentionally forgot to fix the mod application. The player playing with the character Chun Li entered the fight without putting on any clothes on Chun Li. 

The uncensored fight between Chun Li and Kimberly created chaos among the Twitch public social media viewers. However, due to the privacy policy, which ultimately removed the video but people who recorded the fight uploaded it on social media. The bare body of Chun Li became a viral sensation.

Viral On Twitter

Although the official video of the tournament and less time is eliminated from that match, people are making the clip popular through Twitter. Viewers and gamers uploaded the video on Twitter and other popular platforms where people can share their thoughts and comments regarding the fight.

There are many hilarious comments where people ask to use this mod and remove all characters’ clothes. Simultaneously, the Street Fighter 6 developers are not upset with the controversy. However, they are grabbing this opportunity to promote and grow their game. 

People are also talking on Reddit regarding the attention of the player. As per netizens, it was all international to gain fame and popularity. But if we look at a different perspective, if any player does search for inappropriate activity during the tournament, they can get Ban. 

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Public Reaction 

People are widely reacting to the scenario and making fun of the inappropriate activity in the tournament. It is entirely against the rule to use any mod application in the tournament, making such improper activities also punishable. However, there is no information about the action against the player who brought Chun Li’s bare body into the game. 

There are lots of users on TikTok who are making reaction videos of the viral clip. People are also excited and making 3-D art of the game characters. There are multiple sarcastic and offensive comments available regarding the mod clip. 

Social Media Link

Street Fighter 6 tournament interrupted by nude Chun-Li mod
byu/Anteater_Able ingaming

Final Verdict

A gaming tournament video of the Street Fighter 6 character Chun Li has gone viral. The video contains a few seconds fight of Chun Li’s bare body. When people saw the video, they laughed at the situation. Soon it went viral on Twitter and other popular platforms.

Do you think the whole incident was intentional? Comment below. 

Chun Li Incident Uncensored: FAQs 

Q1 Who is the developer of Street Fighter 6?

Capcom, the Japanese video game company, developed the Street Fighter 6.

Q2 Who was hosting the Street Fighter 6 tournaments on Twitch? 

There is no information regarding the host of the tournament.

Q3 What is the name of the player who brought Chun Li uncensored in the game?

The player Chun Li uncensored is Packz. 

Q4 What are the names of characters in Street Fighter 6?

The top characters are Ryu, Chun Li, Ken, Cammy, Guile, Sakura, Blanka, etc.

Q5 Can we watch the viral clip on Telegram

Yes, the viral clip is available on Telegram.

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